Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 day Challenge

This is my video diary of the 24 day Challenge. I will tell you how it goes as I move through the challenge. I would love to get you started. I am going to take the 24 day Advocare challenge.  

I originally thought I was going to do a video daily but I really didn’t have anything to report. I feel amazing! I have energy and I can see the my skin looks great. I am not trying to lose weight but my friends that are doing this have lost weight. I just want to get healthy there is only so much the gym can do you have to work on the inside as well.

advocare 24 day challengeYou can watch other people’s success stories at Advocare 24 day challenge  <——–  This is my menu for this week in case you are wondering what I can eat. Advocare Menu plan.

menu plan

If you are interested in seeing how Karla is doing then click on Karla <—–  If you want to see how Joyce is doing  then click on Joyce.


Day #1 out of 24

See what I really think of AdvoCare Fiber drink in my AdvoCare 24 Day challenge

Night Before the 24 Day Advocare Challenge

Join me in my journey to transform myself! It is truly my time now!  


You can read My AdvoCare Spark Review 

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See what I really think of AdvoCare Fiber drink in my AdvoCare 24 Day challenge

Day #2 my tip for getting the fiber drink down

Day #3

Day #4

Day #5

I am so far successful on my 24 day Advocare challenge I have fallen victim to a little bit of sugar. I have been doing really well with the rest of the challenge. I feel better and I am excited for the next 19 days.

Day 11 Update

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Did you see our Advocare recipes?

Want to see REAL  Advocare Challenge Updates? >>> Check out Amee and KarlaJoyce results.


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  1. Krista Hyatt says

    Wow, I wish I could make my food look like yours! Sometimes I can’t even look at my veggies, let along eat them! Keep it up!

  2. heidi eaton says

    Great job. Keep up the good work hope it works well for you. I don’t think a little bit of sugar is going to hurt. If you deprive yourself you end up going overboard later, so I think you’ll be fine. I personally don’t like using anything like that. But I don’t condemn anyone for trying to stay healthy in anyway possible. Whatever works for you. Great review.

  3. sybrina westmoreland says

    It is always good when you better your health. good luck I hope it works out for the best. maybe you will learn a thing or two about being healthy as you do this. thanks for the great blogging.

  4. Peggy Humbracht says

    I have never heard of Advocare, but may something I may have to research more. Interesting and you are doing great!!

  5. sarahmarie jerome says

    keep us up to date with ur progress… u going a great job… I think I need to do something like this n get my weight off too.. thanks for sharing

  6. Daniela Tapia says

    I would like to lose a few pounds, no doubt about that. I just don’t know if I could complete the mission lol
    otherwise I if I fail the gym ill consider this ! good luck !

  7. Ellen Thompson says

    I have heard of a lot of people that have used Advocare with great success. Hope you have great success as well!

  8. Sarah Elyce says

    I never do well with things I have to “get down.” I do much better just eating better food but this program looks interesting.

  9. Susan Johnson says

    I’m happy to hear that this is a successful program for you and the others who joined you in the 24 day challengeso far. This sounds like a fully comprehensive health system, instead of just taking pills and drinking smoothies. It’s great that it teaches you to fully change your lifestyle, not just to add their products. Good for you all!

  10. says

    I had never heard of Advocare either so I really appreciate your videos along the way to help me get to know more about the product. I think it’s so effective to video blog reviews!

  11. Heather Kenville says

    Congrats on your succues so far, i think it hleps to keep doucmention or viedo when doing stuff like this helps you stay moviated.

  12. Krista Grandstaff says

    I think you are doing a great job… I’d never even heard of this program before reading this, so thank you for sharing!

  13. Birdiebee says

    I had never heard of Advocare before now. Thank you for the information. I am going to start the new year right and plan to lose weight. I am also going to start juicing. Thank you and btw, you look good!

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