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The truth is this blog runs on money. I know funny ha. The hosting company wants money and so does the email service. I even have a staff that gets paid. The one source of income that pays all of my operating expenses is my side bars. It is crucial for me to have them set up so they are attract. I change them up often so they fit offers that you are interested as my customer. This is a deal site so you can assume I make a very small amount off of the deals I offer. I make the majority of my income from you coming to my site. That being said come often. The more page views I receive the more income I can make. If you see something that interests you on my side bar you can explore those ads. The ads that appear should match your interests. I have worked with Heather at I Can Do That Designs. She took what I learned at Google and made it happen on my site.

I am not a writer on my own site. I have no idea how to fuss with the site and do design work. I didn’t know how to apply all that I had learned at Google. I wrote notes and understood what they told me I just didn’t know how to implement it. I have to say I feel like an idiot because for two years this site didn’t make anything on the sidebars. It was so bad in fact I had no idea when they paid because it took months. I now make payout daily. You read that right I usually make the payout for Adsense daily. I have also increase my traffic by delivering quality evergreen content.

Here is what I did. I hired Heather to do my adsense and place it correctly. You can find her here at I Can Do That Designs. Then I clean up my side bars so people could interact with the ads. Then I watched my Google Adsense. I looked for spikes in revenue and matched those with the content on my site. I have a huge amount of SEO for beds. If I write about beds I get search engine traffic. If I get search engine traffic my rate for Ads per 1000 views usually goes up from $1.67 to over $12.00. I have a list of “hot traffic topics” for my site. I use my list daily to pull in traffic and increase my ad revenue. If you want to make more money you have to study what you are doing so that you to can increases your bottom line. Success is figuring out the formula not waiting for an explosion.

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