Adding Users to Google Analytics

Adding a User in Google Analytics

Adding a User in Google Analytics

I have a team I admit that it takes more than myself to run my business. I am a business owner and as such it is important to know if what you are doing is effective. The best way to measure effectiveness on a blog is to look at your stats in google analytics.

The things I track are:

Traffic sources

Clicks on content

What posts were effective the same time last year and more

I think of Google Analytics   as a road map to guide me to my final destination.

Adding a User in Google Analytics

I am asking that all of you go right now and check to see who has access to your account I found some random emails in mine.

This is how you do it:

1) GO to Analytics

2) Click on the ADMIN tab

2)  Click on the site you want to add an additional user

3) . Click on users tab

4) There will be a “new user” button, click on that to add their email

5) Notify them by email

If you want to run a business you need information and your team needs information to be effective as well. Google analytics is a valuable resource.

I had to remove several users on my account I have no idea who they were but they had admin access and that is frankly scary. I suggest you all check yours right now.


Thanks to my friend Toni at the Happy Housewife who showed me this trick.


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Topic: Adding a User in Google Analytics

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