#Ad Support your local school with Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Program!

#Ad Support your local school with Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Program!



Recently, I was chosen to participate in a shop for the Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Program products from Tyson Chicken. I am always looking for quick dinners to make for my family, and tyson has so many different options to chose from! Quick meals are going to become more important to my family in 5 days and counting, because my little girl will be starting school! This is both an exciting and stressful time in my life, and anything that can make it easier is a great thing for me!  The best part? By just buying Tyson products I can help her school by earning money for every product purchased!



The process used to #Clip4School with the Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ is super simple, and really makes a difference! For each clipping you bring in you will earn $0.24 for your school! This is much higher than similar programs like it. (and the food isn’t nearly as tasty!) This is a great way for us to start out my child’s school career and make sure that her school has the things they need!

So how does the Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Program work?


The sign up process for the Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Program is very easy and fast. It’s a simple 3 step process:

  1. Clip and Save- Clip and save your labels from participating tyson products
  2. Give them to your school- Bring in your labels to your school, the tyson’s back to school project a+ program runs all school year long!
  3. Redeem- Once your school has collected at least 100 labels you can send them in for cash that your school can use any way it wants!



To find out if your school is already enrolled in the program is super easy, just visit the Tyson’ Back to School Project A+ Program page and click on “get started” and you can enter in your school’s phone number, state, or zip code to find out if your school is enrolled. I found out that mine was, but if it wasn’t the enrolling process was simple and easy to do.

After checking to see if your school is signed up, you can learn about great ideas to get you started on getting the best out of this program, the page has ideas such as sending out a letter to parents, or holding a fun classroom contest!

After finding out all about the Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Program it was time to head to Wal*mart and pick up some yummy Tyson Chicken Fries! (You can check out my Google + Album all about my shopping experience.)I decided to make a quick game to play with my little one using the Tyson Chicken fries!



I used the Tyson Chicken Fries to make a lunch time counting game that my little girl loved playing (and eating!)

You will need the following things to make this lunch time game:

  • Tyson Chicken Fries
  • Toothpicks
  • 4 plates
  • Ketchup (or condiment of choice)

Here is how you play the game:

  1. Bake your chicken fries according to directions (don’t forget to save you package so you can clip your label!) 
  2. Cut chicken fries into 4 pieces and insert a toothpick into each piece.
  3. On 1 of the plates make a plus sign with ketchup, on another, make a minus sign out of ketchup, and on the last one, make an equal sign.
  4. Make up some math problems! Using the chicken fries, count out a number of chicken fries and place them on each side of the plus or minus sign and have your child count the pieces and put the correct amount on the equal side plate. If you child gets the answer right, they get to eat the answer!

This is a fun, simple recipe to make with your kids, and it’s an opportunity to get some extra learning in, and earn money for your school!

What are some ways you help support your school? Do you plan on enrolling in the Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ Promotion? Let me know in the comments below!

Also make sure to keep up with all the latest news and promotions from Tyson by following them on their social media accounts and checking out the website:

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