A Dentist Clean Everyday with Sonicare PowerUp

Fresh and Clean Mouth with Sonicare PowerUp

sonicare powerup

 I recently was selected to participate in a shop to purchase the Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush. I have been a manual toothbrush user for years and had a preconceived notion that battery powered toothbrushes were not worth their cost. I set a 7 day challenge for myself to only use my new Sonicare PowerUp and see if I could really #powerupursmile as they claim.

Sonicare PowerUp 2

I did not have to wait the 7 days to know that I had found “My Perfect” Toothbrush. I was hooked after the first time using the Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush.  When I was describing it to my husband, the one thing I could compare it to was the clean feeling you get after they brush your teeth at the dentist. I had a completely clean mouth and didn’t have to wait for an appointment. I am also impressed with how well it cleans the hard to clean places dentist is always telling me I miss.

Sonicare PowerUp 4

It took me a few more days to get used to the noise and vibration but I do not even seem to notice it anymore. I have learned that it is best to turn it on once it is in your mouth or your toothpaste might fly off and land on your mirror (I am pleading the fifth as to if I know this from personal experience .)  I am also someone who worries that I didn’t brush well enough or long enough but with the Sonicare PowerUp I don’t have to worry because it has a self-timer that starts the minute you push the button and goes for 2 minutes.  You can also rest assured that  you get “A month’s worth of strokes in a day”.

Sonicare 1

The best part is the new batter powered Sonicare PowerUp is sold at Meijers for under $20.

 I am very happy that I gave the Sonicare PowerUp a try and have decided to ditch my manual toothbrushes. I hate throwing things away that may have some use left in them. I came up with 2 ways I can re-use my old manual toothbrushes.

1. Clean the Toilet

Sonicare 3 

2. Brush my dog’s teeth

Sonicare 5

You can see how toothbrushes have evolved over the years in this video – The Odyssey of the Manual Toothbrusher 

To find out more information check out Sonicare PowerUp

You can also check out where to find a Sonicare PowerUp in the Toothbrush Aisle in this Photo Album.

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    Gwendolyn, your thoughts were exactly my thoughts too about the idea that the powered toothbrushes aren’t worth their cost. I’m totally excited to try the PowerUp now based on all the great reviews, but it convinces me even more hearing that you also thought like that and look how much you like it!

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