50 Inch TV Cheap See How My Personal Assistant Saved Me Money #TDchamp

Okay so you are stuck and can’t talk. You need something done quick. You have two options:
Live Chat or You can text your request
This request was a text. I used my handy dandy Time Dog application on my phone.
I get a lot of requests from friends to find them deals. I guess it has to do with I am Madame Deals. A teacher at my son’s school recently asked if I could help her find a TV for $500. I said I am so busy but I do have a way to help you
I need a TV 50 inches that is less than $500.
So could Time Dog my personal assistant do it?

$500 or under 50″ TV

Is this the answer you expected I would receive?

50″ Sanyo LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV at Sam’s Club

XXXXX I told my friend to buy her TV at Sam’s club because of how cheap their Sam Clubs warranties are.
I have so many great personal assistant stories. I can’t even tell you how much time and money I have saved.
Employing a personal assistant has made the difference to myself and my family.

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