$50 Father’s day GIveaway

Happy Father’s day! This event is in honor of two best dad’s on Earth mine and my kids! I decided that we should have a flash giveaway. I asked my husband what he would want to win and he said, “cash.”

Raffle copter will load…. Give it a minute!

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$200 cash up for GRABS do  not Forget to ENTER!! CLICK to enter!


  1. cindy mckean says

    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to answer the question or just comment, so I will do both on both sections… What my Dad special was his understanding/calm nature. I don’t think I ever saw him lose his temper. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. Kristin Word says

    I love watching my boyfriend and son together. There is something indescribable between father and son that is just amazing to see.

  3. Julie Wood says

    My Dad is 81 years old and the thing that makes him special is his dedication to his family! My mom and dad had a tough marriage, but even though my parents had their problems, my Dad never thought of leaving my mom and all of my 8 other siblings! My Dad showed me what loyalty really means! To never give up on your loved ones and be loyal to them!

  4. shauna wyspianski says

    Thank you for the giveaway, im crossing my fingers! i love my dad because he can always make me laugh.

  5. Roni says

    Dad’s are super special to their children. They are how they view God in their own minds until they grow up. So, it is important to be a great dad.

  6. Daniel M says

    my dad’s the best, great sense of humor and always willing to help anyone out! Happy Fathers day all!

  7. Karla Sceviour says

    Happy fathers day to all the great dads put there,and thanks for the giveaway!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  8. Paula Carr says

    The time they spend with their children and valuable lessons they teach their children is priceless. My Dad has taught me so much and now that I am a Mom, he is still teaching me! Thank you for this giveaway! Happy Father’s Day!

  9. Barbara Mayes says

    Hope I can win this for my husband for Father’s Day. So far (it’s 3:15 here) none of his two grown kids have called him to tell him Happy Father’s Day.

  10. Paul T / Pauline T says

    they are there to teach you to be who you and there to be totally honest with you even when you do not want to hear it

  11. Kasee Johnson says

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day. I miss my dad terribly, but he lives on in my memories.

    • Kris says

      My dad is special because he somehow knows how to fix almost everything – and knew even before the internet era.

    • jodi hess says

      My dad passed away, but myh husband is the most caring dad. We have raised 3 kids, and he has been there thru it all. The tears and the laughter. He scared potential boyfriends, by always having to meet them first.

  12. Wendy Pence says

    Dads are the best because they always get to be the Good Cop & stick Mom with the Bad Cop role. LOL :0)

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