$5 Savings Plan Winner’s List

$5 savings plan

$5 Savings Plan Winner’s List

Enter to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card at the  $5 Savings Plan Contest Page 

Judy H.-confirmed

 Cathy T.-confirmed

 Ronalee D-confirmed


Carrie B.-confirmed

Rachel C. -confirmed



Rachel V.-confirmed

Bill E.-confirmed

Sherry E.-confirmed

Sharon S.-confirmed








The winner will be picked every night at 10 PM. They will receive an email confirming their email address and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Enter to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card at the  $5 Savings Plan Contest Page.

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 $5 Savings Plan Ideas List

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  1. Lisa S. says

    I won on January 6th. I commented on at least 3 posts AND sent you a message through your website. You even asked me specifically in a post if I was the one who had posted about taking surveys on the back of receipts and I said yes. Why was a new winner drawn???? I went back through all of my emails, deleted emails, and spam folder – NOTHING from you for Jan 6th or 7th. What gives?

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