$5 Savings Plan

$5 Savings Plan

The question that people ask me all the time is how do you save money? That is really a loaded question because I do not SAVE money. I actually do not spend the money I have. That is the real difference it is not spending the money you have. That brings us to the $5 a day challenge. I am challenging you to think of ways you can save just $5 a day using the $5 Savings plan. I am sure you are thinking I do not have $5. That may be true. In fact last night I was frantically searching for a $5 bill and in my wallet I had only $3. I didn’t even have $5 myself.

You are actually kidding yourself when you think I do not have $5 a day because you have bills daily that add up to more than $5 a day. You need to be creative in how and when you spend your money. If you can “save” $5 a day then you can begin the process of becoming someone who is more responsible in your finances. We can all use this and we all need to do it. I decided to take a hard look at my spending and cut it by $5 a day.

If I can do it you can as well! We hope our little contest and challenge will help you all think different. Madame Deals is about Making Dollar$ out of Change! Let’s make that change together.

Amee- Madame Deals

Go Enter to win $5 Amazon Gift Card and Let us know how you save $5

Coming Soon: $5 Savings Plan Ideas List and  $5 Savings Plan Daily Winners.


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  1. Melissa Shaw says

    With all the free Kindle book downloads, why purchase a book. I have been downloading the free ones, very good books. With this I will continue to save money!

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