From Russia with Love

The Russian Dolls pictured above are hand crafted and painted by an artist. These nesting dolls usually depict a subject or person. The Russian doll set above is one that was created in reference to Easter. I used to play with similar dolls when I was a little girl. I am reminded of the hours of enjoyment I had taking the dolls out and admiring the beauty of the design.

I had a set of these dolls that I believe my father brought back from one of his business trips. We now have a set of these dolls for our daughter. She is as fascinated by them as I was. My husband brought them back from a trip to Ukraine  the  Matryoshka nesting dolls that we have are blue and they feature a beautiful woman in an extravagant costume. Our daughter takes out the five dolls and the “baby” which is crafted from a single piece of wood and she plays house.

What I really like about this “toy” is it is a piece of art. It is the one “toy” that I like to leave out. I think every time we play with these dolls I find some new detail in the design of the doll.This is an object of beauty that should be appreciated and passed down through the family.

I have reviewed the site that this post links to and I am impressed with the selection of dolls and with their return policy. If you are in need of a gift that a lady young or old will treasure rest assured you have found one.


I gladly accepted a payment for this post since we have this toy and love it. The opinions are mine and always abundant just ask my husband.

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