30% Off LEGO Race 3000! 4/12/11


Today, there are several great deals on board games that the whole family can enjoy at Target.com!

Kids will surely love the LEGO Race 3000, which is priced for just $13.99 (reg. price $19.99) today.

Other Daily Deals at Target:

Apples to Apples Party Game Box, $15.39 (reg. price $21.99)
The Game of Scattergories, $18.89 (reg. price $26.99)
Cranium 2.0, $20.99 (reg. price $29.99)
Library Scrabble Vintage Book Game, $14.34 (reg. price $20.49)
University Games Totally Gross Game, $11.05 (reg. price $15.79)
The Mexican Train Game in a Tin, $13.99 (reg. price $19.99)
Bop-it Bounce Game, $12.94 (reg. price $18.49)
Balderdash Game, $16.51 (reg. price $23.59)
Twister Hoopla, $12.66 (reg. price $18.09)
LEGO Monster 4 Game, $10.49 (reg. price $14.99)
Apples To Apples – Disney Version, $15.39 (reg. price $21.99)
Rubik’s 360 Game, $9.86 (reg. price $14.09)
Guess Who Mix N Mash, $13.99 (reg. price $19.99)
LEGO Magikus, $6.99 (reg. price $9.99)
U-Build Monopoly, $10.49 (reg. price $14.99)
Nab It, $9.79 (reg. price $13.99)

These deals comes with Free Shipping and are valid online at Target today 4/12/11 only while supplies last!

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