30-Day Giving Challenge Week #2

30-Day Giving Challenge

It is the start of week 2 for the 30-Day Giving Challenge. How are you all doing? Have you come up with a creative way to give? I told you last week how time is my biggest challenge. I made an effort every day last week to give a little extra time.

I took a few minutes out of each day to give special attention to someone who needed- whether that be my husband, my children, my extended family, a friend or a complete stranger. It may not seem like much, but as Amee stated, it is all about the ripple effect. Our small actions can impact someone for a lifetime.

Kroger and Harris Teeter continue with the great sales this week bringing plenty of opportunities to collect non-perishable goods. Food pantries are in great need this time of year. ToysRus also has a great deal on Hasbro Board games that will be great to donate to the Toy Lift.

I would love to hear how the 30-Day Giving Challenge is going for you. After all it is the month of Thanksgiving! Tell us how you are making a conscious effort to GIVE and be THANKFUL.

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