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  1. Gloria Walshver says

  2. Sheila Vives says

    People beware of “Current Choice”
    Current Choice is not about choice in the long run. It is part of a program that in the United States i referred to as “SmartGrid”. There is sister program in Europe. The SmartGrid program uses deceptive marketing ploys to get consumers, and businesses to “want it” , “buy into it” , “accept it”.
    The more people that buy into this, the more permissions you are giving the governments of the world to control your utilities. Now some of the original documents on SmartGrid have been removed by the government off the web and replaced with “marketing” documents to fool those who are not aware of the REAL program, or else I would post links here for you to see what I am saying is credible. The program will eventually unite all power utilities together to a central computer system that will be controlled by the government….Federal Government now, possibly world government later considering the sister program in Europe. Now the info I give you here is what I obtained from actual Federal government documents. Once all power utilities are centralized, then that amount of utilities you will be allowed to use on any given day will be controlled under the guise of “energy savings” ” protecting the environment”, “consumer saving”.

    Now in all of this, and again from the actual documents I read, the Federal government will be in ultimate control. They can control what areas have what amount of energy at any time and reduce energy to other areas. They can shut off energy to any geographical area and to any one individual home or business. (you will eventually have special equipment put into your home for this). When the Federal government wants more power for their particular agenda’s, they can cut power to any and all homes, businesses, and utility companies and reverse (take that power) and direct it to the Federal projects. Now you may ask what projects are those. At this point I can only speculate on the projects based on my research through the years into government and military documents. There are new types of weapons such as missiles developed by the military, which operate on electromagnetic fields. It takes a very powerful field to launch a missile.
    As a comparison, it takes 50,000 watts of Electricity to operate an MRI medical diagnostic scan each time they rev up the machine for a patient. That is a lot of power. Your household lamp plugs into a 140 watt outlet. Your large appliances most likely use a 240 watt outlet.
    Now in addition to the above type of weapon we have the “Star Wars” program in the military. The military has been working on “space weapons” whereas they can “attack from space” or use a weapon to blow up an asteroid for instance. They have been trying to learn how to blow up these big rocks in space and direct the high velocity chunks of rocks down as weapons. I know you believe they are trying to blow these “Space Rocks” up to “protect” us from a “falling meteor” or an “out of orbit asteroid” as that is what they tell you.

    Now for Christians who are versed in Bible Prophecy, one has to look at the implications of controlled utilities. Since Christians believe in the book of Revelations of the Christian Holy Bible Chapter 13, and the Muslim Quran has a similar prophecy in their book, one has to consider that since the “Mark of the Beast” will be forced on every man, woman, and child, what methods they may use to force it. How many of you city guys and girls could go without your utilities if they were taken from you, unless you complied by “worshiping the “Beast”, supporting a new world government and it’s controls ? Face it, most of you would be weak in this area. But then there is the human survival aspect of it. We need heat in the cold winters. Some states need air conditioning. There are people who have medical equipment and oxygen units at home that are dependent on utilities. It would be easy for the government to twist the people’s arms behind their back in order to force them to accept one world controls.

    I have seen many bloggers, especially mommy and tech bloggers promoting new world government agenda, not knowing what it is they are supporting as these things have been marketed as “making things better for the environment”, or with tech “entertainment”, “convenience”, “savings”, and other guises. Mom’s don’t set things up to be bad for your children and grandchildren. Get smart, please.

    Being a mom, after my family was victimized horribly by government corruption and I started digging for answers, I ran across many things to include the above information regarding “SmartGrid”. This is something I have been doing for years now, and what makes me sick as how ignorant Americans are as compared to Eureopans and Asians on many new world government related subjects. But the information has not been made overly public. It just isn’t going to be found in a JC Penney Sales Brochure, not by watching are censored and controlled News Media, or “Sex in the City”. So get serious and find out what is happening in your world.

  3. TRACY SIMMS says

  4. TRACY SIMMS says

  5. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says

    I never win and I sure could use this for my daughters Easter after having to put everything we had into our vehicle

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