My Coupon Hunter Order

What did I order this week? I have to say not much. I did however order more yogurt coupons because my kids love those drinkable yogurts and I love being able to give them those when we are running from one sport to the next. They are $1 off 1 package. They are usually on [...]

Kindle Envy

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Envy, I have it. I must say my husband has a Kindle and I often wish I had one as well. I am an avid reader often missing out on sleep to figure out the ending to a book. I was looking up the cost of a book on a kindle just to see the price. I noticed [...]

House Keeping: Ask A Teacher

I get a lot of comments on my columns and I thought I would do some follow -up. That is the point of this site. It is to inspire, help, and encourage. Yes, I know I sometimes make you angry but sometimes anger is thought provoking. It isn’t my intention to make anyone upset, but [...]

Real Reviews, Real Products, Real Women: Blistex

Blistex- Karla is a 42 year old mother of two. I am Christian preschool teacher and certified lay speaker for the United Methodist Church. I live in Central Va with my husband of 20 years and two children age 16 and 11. The Blistex Review: I have been using both the regular Blistex medicated and [...]

Target Deals Best Deals 2/28

  Target allows for a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon to be used together. Target has internet printable store coupons available online. Take note that some of the printable coupons on are manufacturers coupons and some are Target store coupons. Thanks to Ann from Coupons, Deals and More for the Target deals.  UPDATED: I [...]

Current National Catalina Promotions & Preview

Catalina’s are coupons that print with your grocery store receipt. To read more on what a catalina is and how they work, read my previous post HERE. Ann over at Coupons, Deals and More found and typed a list of current and future catalina promotions. You will notice that some of the promotions repeat every few [...]

Contest: Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

We tried this sauce and we couldn’t get enough. We used it to make burgers. I couldn’t believe the amazing taste. I have to say, I am not usually a fan of adding things to my burgers but in the interest of adventure I did. I was extremely pleased. I was so happy that I [...]

Rite Aid Rock Bottom Deals 2/28

Rite Aid has a Single Check Rebate (SCR) program. To find out more about how to do SCRs, go to the Rite Aid Guide & Policy. Make sure you take either the $3/$15 coupon or the $5/$20 coupon with you. The $5/$20 coupon is only available after you watch enough videos. Remember watching the Video Values [...]