Blog Frog Contest: $200 Prize You Decide

Do you Blog Frog? Well you should. I love it and I chat on it often. I am giving you a $200 prize. You can pick what you like or take the cash… think TV, Camera, Kindle Fire, Gas card, Designer purse… it is up to you! There is also the opportunity to win another $200 cash in the Savvy Living Community. It is FREE and easy. When you sign up for the Savvy Living Community it could result in the $200 in cash or  prizes. I love the Savvy Living Community.  I find great deals in their community and a lot of my favorite bloggers are a part of their expert panel. I want to invite you to be a part of it too. I am happy to provide the motivation to do so.

Make sure to comment on the SAVVY Living Community

This is what the community looks like please comment to enter

Wait a second for the copter to load… and hop to it!

LET me know you joined the Savvy Living Community by commenting below:



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Comment in the Blog Frog Box


  1. Annette Broxton says

    I am just learning how to do the rafflecopter and sometimes I know I make mistakes but I did this one right. Thank you for the chance!

  2. Crystle Monahan says

    I’m not clear on how to do the entries. I’ve joined both communities, but I do not understand where I should post to enter. Anywhere?

    Sorry to be trouble, thank you for this giveaway! Good luck to all!

  3. Barbara Gillespie says

    I joined both of them. Thank you so much for this giveaway. If I win I would take the money, because my family needs it really bad. We are about ready to be on the streets with five young kids. We would buy a cheap Motor Home with the money…

  4. peggie says

    I joined both!! Thanks for a great giveaway!! If I win, I would probably take the cash & use it to pay bills lol

  5. Melissa says

    This May was my very first Mother’s Day with my little 5 month old Grady Bear (he was my Christmas present last year!) <3 May is also a time of beautiful renewal as you watch everything begin to bloom again after being dormant all winter. Time to get flower & veggie gardens planted! :)

  6. Myra R says

    i joined both of them and i left a comment on the conversation link about what may means to me!:) thanks !!

  7. Stephanie Wolfe says

    I joined both…your so fun to read:0) How awesome to be you and get to make people smile!!!

  8. Leslie Galloway says

    joined and commented on both. Thank you!!

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  9. says

    I joined both! I really,really need the money to buy myself a pair of sneakers so that I can start walking to lose weight! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! connie danielson

  10. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  11. says

    I joined your community but I can’t get the Savvy community link to work for me. Could you send it to me?
    tzufelt01 at gmail dot com

  12. Nicole Carter says

    I joined both I thought my user name was the same as facebook but I don’t think it is, it just says Nicole

  13. Brianne Libby says

    I’m really confused with where you want us to comment so I hope I did it right. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. says

    THANK U FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY!!!! It comes at a much needed time!!!! U have NO idea how appreciative I am to U all whom do giveaways with cash, as with a bad economy, we all need it & it’s wonderful that such kind people like yourselves are SO unselfish that U are kind enough to give the money to whom U deem a winner! Just wonderful!!! God Bless U ALL!!!!!
    God luck to everyone!!!!

  15. michelle kessler says

    may means end of school year festivities with the kids at thier schools and the beginning of summer break
    this is very confusing i joined both and commented on both

  16. Michelle says

    I also joined both, but I am having trouble getting the Coupon Savings in the South Community link to work. Thanks!

  17. Lisa Welch says

    Thanks for Hosting these Awesome giveaways! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. I’ve been unemployed since September, and expecting my 1st grandchild this November.
    I can definitely see how this can get addicting. I love following you all!

  18. KellyB says

    I joined both communities… just hope I’m leaving a comment in the right place! Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

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