20 Minutes for $20 at Platos Closet

We wanted to give you some highlights of the entries we have recieved today!
You are all FANTASTIC multitaskers!
Candice: “In 20 minutes I can…wash an entire sink full of dishes, prepare lunch for 3 kids under the age of 2, prepare a bottle for a 7 month old, get the toddlers started on eating their lunch and the baby started on her bottle. I can probably squeeze in getting the snack mess swept off of the floor also…”

Heather T.: “Today in 20 minutes we arrived home from preschool, took Bryce to the potty, made coffee, got dinner in the crock pot, switched over laudry and folded what was in the dryer, made a snack and ate it while checking email.
Men’s translation: I ate bon-bons on the couch while watching TV! ;)”

Joanne: “Yesterday in 20 minutes I was shoveling dirt and building a garden bed, stopped to take a child in and change a poopy diaper, came back outside to hammer and saw, rain started pouring down, which meant everything had to be cleaned up, thrown in the house, kids stripped of their muddy wet clothes and laundry started. Fun times!”

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