$20 Alice Gift Card for them and $20.00 cash for you:

Happy Holidays…

Need a gift just in case… enter our contest for a $20 Gift Card for Alice.COM and $20.00 cash for you! I mean nothing is better than cold hard cash!.. and a gift for a FRIEND

Alice is a wonderful site that allows you to shop from home. They offer great prices on the items you buy!

To Enter, leave a separate comment for each entry:

1) Tell Madame Deals your  Favorite Money saving tip   for  1 entry.

2) Sign up for our facebook fanpagetwitterRSS feed or e-mails for 1 entry.

3) Blog, tweet or brag about Madame Deals with a link back to Madamedeals.com on facebook and myspace for 1 entry.

4) Tell a friend about Madame Deals for 1 entry.

Giveaway ends  December 12th at 10pm. The winner will be picked by random.org and notified via e-mail.


  1. Nicholas Harris says

    My favorite money saving tip is stop and think if you really need something. It’s no deal if you do not need or want it!

  2. Barb Sandage says

    My favorite money saving tip! Drink water if you go out to eat and go mid afternoon so you can still get in on the noon lunch specials
    Have your coke at home. Love your blog and wonderful information!

  3. diana B says

    My favorite tip is to use gift card buy back websites such as giftcardrescue.com to buy discounted gift cards for stores and restaurants you already frequent such as Petsmart, The Loft and Gymboree.

  4. says

    My favorite tip… okay, the biggest tip is to live in the smallest house you can afford. My husband and I live in a 600-square foot studio apartment. We have tons of space and it’s great. We pay a *lot* less rent than almost everyone around us.
    Amber recently posted..Sarah &amp Scott- Sneak Peek!My Profile

  5. says

    My favorite money saving tip (nothing special, but most effective): Cook and eat at home and buy only used items or clearance items off season. I’m really good at saving money, right now I need to start generating some money because sometimes saving is just not enough!
    Hannah recently posted..Bloom Super Double Coupons on 11-01!My Profile

  6. says

    Cash is always great to have! Great contest =)

    My favorite money-saving tip is to use the ‘envelope’ system, where you put just enough money for a particular spending area in an envelope and once that runs out, you’re done. I’ve tried this with gift cards too, using them as prepaid gift cards and virtual envelopes for those stores I always seem to splurge at =) That way you always keep track of your spending, instead of using a credit card where you can keep spending beyond your means.
    Krystle C. recently posted..Save on your holiday shopping with 5 Cash Back rewards!My Profile

  7. Amanda Y. says

    My preferred savings method is controversial to many I know–but I find if I use my debit or credit card (paid off monthly or sooner), I can track exactly how much I spend…and at the end of the month knowing where every dollar went is very useful. With cash, I forget where it got spent.

  8. ACMommy says

    Favorite Money saving tips include: Shop at CVS combining sales, coupons, store coupons and ecb’s! Cut out soda and junk food. :) Have a weekly meal plan to avoid the higher costs of take-out and restaurants. Use a water filter instead of buying bottled water.

  9. Sarah L says

    My tip is count how many little lights are glowing around your entertainment center at night before bed, the DVD playr, the TV, the VCR, game systems, etc…then turn off the surge protector!

  10. Christina Anne D. says

    My favorite money saving tip would be to really ask myself if I need it and do I have a place for it at home? Or, is it just going to add to the clutter? A lot of times this discourages me from buying something I don’t really need. annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. Steph S says

    I use a website called betterbidding.com to research bids for Priceline and Hotwire so I can get the absolute lowest price for my hotel rooms!

  12. says

    My favorite money saving trip is just staying out of the stores. If you’re not in the stores to begin with, you can’t spend money. I know avoid Target or Wal-Mart unless absolutely necessary because there’s always stuff that ends up in my cart that I don’t need/intend to buy otherwise.

  13. diana B says

    My favorite tip is to use plasticjungle.com or giftcardrescue.com to buy discounted gift cards for stores you already shop at, such as Petsmart and Target.

  14. Heather E. says

    When planning an online purchase at a store that you have never shopped at before, sign up for their email newsletter first. A lot of times they will send a code or coupon for money off your next purchase as a thank you for signing up! You can always unsubscribe later on…


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