12 Days of Happy

My 12 Days of Happy

12 days of happy

A fellow Michigan blogger , Parsimonious Pash, is sharing her “12 Days of Happy” and invited others to join in on the fun. Most people spend the month of November saying what they are thankful for. I have found though that when Thanksgiving passes they forget everything they were supposedly thankful for. Today was a very stressful day for me and I found myself forgetting what actually made me happy and got lost up in the decorations and memories of past Christmases. I had to really dig deep to find my 12 Days of Happy because ……

It seems every year my Christmas collection grows smaller as my family seems to break at least two pieces. Everytime something is broke it is because they were doing something they weren’t supposed to or not paying attention. Today was no different as we pulled out the Christmas decorations and within 15 minutes my daughter broke one of my Limited Edition Precious Moments figures with a rock. Yes, a rock! I can’t even begin to explain why she even had a rock. I have to admit I lost it and went and holed up in the family room to “work” or to be more honest “sulk.” While I was working I read the post by Ashley at Parsimonious Pash and realized I was indeed “sulking” while my family proceeded to decorate. I decided to take her challenge of sharing my “12 Days of Happy”. I may not be able to replace the objects that hold memories of the past but I can certainly make sure to create new memories.

So without further ado…..

My 12 Days of Happy

1. God – Even in my darkest hour or times of pain, He is always there for me and even though I don’t understand everything I know He will see me thru.

2. My Husband – I know everyone says they are are happy for their family but my husband is truly my rock. We don’t always see eye to eye and there are days we bicker and fight but I could not imagine my life without him.

3. My Daughter – She is only 9 but full of knowledge well beyond her years. She tries my patience and sometimes it is like to (or arguing) with myself but she makes me a better person. She makes me see things unjaded and for the beauty they have. She always sees the good and reminds me to try harder.

4. My Son – He is now 15 but was 3 1/2 when I met his dad (my husband). He may not be mine biologically but I love him just as much as my daughter. I have always shared with him that he was born of my heart and will always hold a special place no one else can fill.

5. My Pets. We have a houseful of our own but there is always a place for foster dogs. We have had dogs as young as 1 day old and senior citizens. Each one leaves a paw print on our families’ hearts. My own 3 dogs, 2 cats, snake, hamster and fish complete our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. My Family – From my siblings and parents to my 2nd cousins, we are a close knit bunch. The memories we make whenever we are together are truly unforgettable.

7.  Singing to the Radio. Or in some cases singing to my phone or television. I don’t care how silly I look or crazy I may sound it is a big stress relief and makes every car ride more entertaining.

8. Hot Tea – I don’t drink coffee but I love to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. Nothing brightens my day like a nice glass of tea. It brings back memories of my grandmother. When we would go out to eat she would always order Hot Tea and request 2 pots of water. I have progressed past “tea bags” in my choices but every now and then I have to transport myself back to those days. 

9. DVR I can record my favorite TV Shows and Movies and watch them when I want to. This is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and indulge in a little me time.

10. Vacations I love taking a break from life and getting away. My favorite trips are with family but I truly enjoy a good girl’s trip.

11. Shoes I don’t spend a lot of money on shoes but I love having different styles and colors to wear just because.

12. Blogging The products to review and trips to enjoy are fun but the greatest joy I  receive is when I can Pay It Forward and pass on these great things to other people. Today I was able to donate boxes of toys from products I received to review and it made me happy to see my children help load them up.


And, by all means, post your 12 Days of Happy and then use the linky so we can all keep up with all your 12 Days of Happy…..here’s the linky and the code is below if you want to tag other folks and include the linky for them. If you would like to add the linky to your post just go to grab it here.

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  1. Retha Walter says

    My wonderful family and friends and the chance you give to people to enter.
    Giveaways that’s such a sweet gift for family and friends to win giveaways to buy gifts for there family’s! 🙂

  2. Holly says

    Your 12 days would look a lot like mine. But I’m afraid my kids, alone, would take up 1/3 of the list if I listed one by one. My children are my god sends – they have saved me from bad life choices to bad relationships just to make me realize (and grow up) that life is about what you get and to be thankful for it. I’m thankful for my 4 children. I am thankful for my husband just as much for taking on 3 of those children as his very own! My 12 days would turn into so much, because I am thankful for all the small things and details in life (like a cup of tea)! I can never take life for granted!

  3. Kelly Britton says

    Seeing my brother and his family happy, makes me happy. We were estranged for a few years and it’s nice to have them back in my life.

  4. Jenn Oldaker says

    My family is what makes me happy among quite a few other things 🙂 Blogging…. I haven’t attempted but I have thought about it quite a few times 🙂 Just wouldn’t know where to even begin LOL!

  5. Ashley Trail says

    Thanks for this list, your idea of happiness is right on point with mine 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday I really enjoy your blog through out the year !!!!

  6. Jennifer M. says

    One thing that makes me happy is knowing that my family supports me in whatever season we happen to be in. From being injured, to trying to find a job, I have the most patient and loving family!

  7. Nancy Arias says

    My husband and my children! I do anything and everything for them that I can and that makes me happy to see their smile, their laughter and joy in thir faces.

  8. says

    Like you, God is definitely my number one! With out him i am nothing. HE has answered so many prayers for my family and myself. This most people wouldn’t believe. I’ve been a witness for more than one miracle and i know he is REAL! secondly I would say my family. they mean more to me then they will ever know. That includes my friends because the ones i do have are my family.. then of course my fur babies.. Especially Max. he’s so child like, its so funny. He brings a lot of joy to us!

  9. Julie Simpson says

    Seeing my son now 24 stable with his systemic lupus watching my grandson Diego now 4 be excited about Christmas because he understands it now and maintaining a roof and heat and most of the time food with my son and I living on a grand a month with rent at $721.00.

  10. kimbuckjr says

    I haven’t been very happy recently since I’m going through a divorce, but seeing my daughter makes me very, very, very, very, HAPPY! And very grateful that I have such a wonderful daughter.

  11. Wanda Ball says

    What makes me happy is ; God, family (includes my Mey-ya), friends, good food, nice wine, a nice vacation, a good book – birds singing – the forest animals in my yard…a nice moon, sunshine – most things make me happy 🙂

  12. Heather Murray says

    My children make me happy. Even when I’m mad at the world, even when I’m mad at them, I still find happiness in there smiles.

  13. Tara says

    Your list is perfect! My family has been going through a rough time lately and they are definitely what makes me happy, along with our faith.

  14. Jill says

    Staying cancer free for four years now and God for blessing me to be here to watch my grandchildren come into the world.

  15. Leona Evans says

    1. God
    2. My Kids
    3. My SO
    4. The years I was blessed to have my Grandaddy
    5. A home that is paid for
    6. Other family
    7. Decent health
    8. Ability to coupon
    9. My Dogs
    10. Heat and ac
    11. The few clothes and 1 pair of shoes that I own
    12. Patience

  16. Michele G. says

    Being with hubby & our 6 kids and knowing we’ve all been saved 🙂 to be able to pay it forward to those less fortunate & watch my children do the same.

  17. Judy H says

    The Lord family and friends.God gives me blessing daily sometimes I don’t take the time to see them. But He is faithful and keeps blessing me.

  18. Danielle Ring says

    I have had quite a few days later where I have not seen my thankfulness for anything in my life. It has been a hard year for our family. We found out in January we were expecting our fourth child, only to have him be born and passed into God’s arms in May. I am thankful for the 148 minutes I was able to spend with my son while he was on this side of heaven. I am also thankful for my husband week had been my rock through it all. And my three other living children, they are blessings I am thankful for every day. Most importantly, I am thankful for our loving heaven father. Without him, I would most likely not be here to appreciate the many blessings in my life.

  19. Laura McElvain says

    My son makes me happy. Every time I look at his precious face I am reminded miracles happen. He is my miracle. Doctors told me for years it was not possible. I nearly lost him several times. He was born premature but today he is 5, healthy, funny, smart and well as a mom I could go on but won’t…lol

  20. Wanda Ball says

    A number of things make me happy, God, family (includes my little dog Mey-ya), friends, sunshine, good food, good wine, walks on the beach, a good book and the list could go on.

  21. Tiffany C says

    What makes me the most happy is having God as my number one on my list as well. Another thing that keeps me happy is having a spouse that helps me keep my disease under control so that maybe one day I will be able to see my grandchildren. If not I know I will be in His loving arms keeping an eye on them from Heaven.

  22. karen greenwood says

    I have so much to be happy for this year. My Mom is cancer free, when we didn’t think she’d be here this year (miracle), All my children are healthy and doing well in their lives. Finally, I get to spend every day with the love of my life(28 years!!).

  23. melissa says

    our two yorkies <3 being disabled they really bring so much joy to our lives! animals have a huge impact on your life. <3 merry christmas everyone

  24. Deborah Tabor says

    As a migraine sufferer (with one right now), what makes me happy is a day without one. I wish for a normal life.

  25. Amanda T says

    #1 God makes me very happy! #2 My husband that does lot of things for me and allows me to stay home. 3# Healthy Family and self. #4 My Cat who keeps me company during the day and acts like a little kid at times. #5 I am thankful for being able to provide lots of gifts for kids this year with the help from god. He knew what was needed and he knew my intentions. I was able to win some things to giveaway. The most thing that makes me feel Thankful is being able to give gifts to children that wouldn’t get the gift they asked for or a gift because of the tight times today,giving a meal away when their wouldn’t of been that for family.

  26. desiree says

    right now it my dog and my bf for bleiving me they messed up my car and vandalixzed it
    and thenking for preventing heart atttack

  27. says

    The fact that i am still here after battling cervical cancer, i have famly, have a job, and yes i get sad for those i have lost but i am still here and well not material things that make me happy, seeing my kids smile, my granddaughter smile, and spending time with famliy every chance i get. Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Bobbie Gilliam

  28. Annette Cruz says

    I’m blessed having a healthy husband, and being able to speak with my sons, (both serving in the Air Force), and seeing my grand baby on Skype while stationed in England. I am super blessed, and thank God everyday.

  29. Jody Arbogast says

    I am happy that my daughter’s boy friend is in jail for beating her up. She’s been through so much with him. Now I wish her happiness getting her life back and move on to a better life.

  30. Heather Garcia says

    I am happy that everything happens for a reason. My husband and I met on a blind date, and 8 years and 2 girls later we are so happy we did not ditch the date.

  31. vanessa says

    What makes me happy, is knowing my family is happy. When my daughter and husband have everything they want and are able to do what they want. This puts a huge smile on my face to see them happy.

  32. Shannon Anderson says

    I am thankful for my family as we all reconnect with each other. I can’t replace the lost time, but we can move forward to make new memories.

  33. lucretia herriven randle says

    1) My children
    2) My grandchildren
    3) My significant other
    4) My niece
    5) good friends
    6) good food
    7) 80’s music
    8) baking
    9) gardening
    10) writing
    11) crafting
    12) winning

  34. tonyia palmatier says

    I really needed to read this sometimes we just need to slow down a bit and take a few deep breaths! Thank you father for never leaving my side continue to guide and protect me and my family!

  35. bridget reed says

    I loved reading your 12 days post. I am truly greatful for everything God has blessed me with. I have 4 healthy beautiful children that I love more than life itself. Also I am thankful for my loving husband that took me and my two oldest children in and loves them as if they are his own. He then blessed me with 2 more precious babies. My life is crazy at times but I would not trade it for all the money in the world. My list could go on and on.. I am so truly thankful!!

  36. 1955nurse says

    My Grands make me happy, Happy, HAPPY – and grateful that I will be able to spend some time w/them this Holiday season!!!

  37. kelly Hubbard says

    What makes me happy? I have been recently laid off and to be down and out and to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel makes me happy.. ASeeing my friends that are sick and in pain feeling better that makes me happy. As much as I want to win a give away which does make me happy, it makes me more happy to see the excitement of the ones that won. Happiness comes from Within.. its not something yu can easily reach or can you?

  38. Karen Wildman says


  39. Deb says

    This is a great reminder! I am always happy for my husband! We are newly married, and he has just been so amazing since the day we met. I’m really blessed to have found such a great and supportive husband to share my life with. There were many low times before him where I believed I didn’t have a Prince Charming waiting for me, but then we stumbled upon each other and he changed my life for the best. There is never a day I don’t appreciate how hard he works to ensure my happiness. ???????? I am a very lucky girl!!

  40. Kirsten L says

    My kids make me happy when I see them growing up to be caring, independant, mature, resposible, and compassionate individuals. Each one achieving goals they set for themselves.

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