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Shuffling kids between school, friends, sports and other activities requires planning on the part of this busy mom.  The temptation to run through a fast food restaurant or stop at a convenience store is something I face on a daily basis.  However, those quick stops at these convenience places can wreak havoc on our budget.  The days of having a toddler in the car and always making sure I had something for him or her to snack on has continued straight through my kids elementary, middle and high school years.

I have routinely kept a lunchbag in the car which is always stocked with on the go snacks.  This prevents us from running through a convenience store and purchasing overpriced and definitely unhealthy snacks.

With that in mind, one of our family's favorite snacks is any form of crackers.  Lance® is celebrating 100 years with more of what we  love – more creamy peanut butter sandwiched between our favorite crackers.  I recently had a coupon and purchased the NEW Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Toastchee and Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Toasty at Walmart.  Surprise, surprise!  My kids and I loved them. 

These are the types of snacks I prefer to purchase for our family.  They are filling, the kids and I enjoy them, and they are wholesome so I feel good about serving them. 

The Xtra Fulls™ sandwich crackers have all the goodness of crispy, baked crackers with an extra helping of Real Peanut Butter sandwiched between. They have Xtra Filling & Xtra Flavor, as well as up to 6 grams of protein to keep our family going.

The BEST part is they are available at Walmart which is where I regularly shop for snacks.  As part of Lance®'s 100 Year Celebration, they are offering this $1 off Lance Crackers coupon.

Give these Xtra Fulls™ sandwich crackers a try and let us know how they fit into your family's busy lifestyle!


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