100 Things to Do This Summer

Chase the Boredom Blues Away With These 100 Things to do This Summer


The kids have not even been out of school for 2 weeks and already they are “bored”. In my house, that word is not tolerated. It will get to a point in the day that I am assigning chores for everyone time they say it. I wanted to skip the hassles of previous summer and give them fun simple options that will keep them entertained every day of summer vacation. We have put together a list of 100 things to do this summer. This way I can save my sanity and they won’t be spending their whole summer in punishment. Now when I think that the dreaded words, “I’m Bored”, will utter their lips,I can pick something from the list and our day is full of fun.

 100 Things to Do This Summer

100 things

Do you have plans to do something that is not on our list, leave it in the comments below so we can give it a try.

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Water balloon dodgeball, catch fire flies/lightning bugs, take dogs on a walk, do a chore or something to help out your parents or your surroundings, mail encouraging thoughtful letters to your loved ones, make an alarm to watch the sunrise and the sunset each day, write 5 positive things that happened during your day, 10 things you are blessed and thankful for that happened during the day, 10 things you love about your appearance/personality, 10 things you like about other people, try to make it a goal each day to do something that scares but not something that would harm you obviously, but just to get yourself out there more, and each day make it a goal to help out others

What a great list. We can use it next time we’re looking for something to do. Thanks for sharing!