100 things to make you smile

100 things to make you smile

 100 things to make you smile

Sometimes, you just need a good smile right? If you are having a bad day, got some bad news, or are just not smiling as much as you could be, then this list is perfect for you! Recently we asked our fans what makes them smile, and they had some great ideas! Read the list and pass it on to a friend, family member, or coworker that might need some cheering up, and leave some suggestions of your own! I’ve added in some links to some posts that can help make you smile as well 🙂 

Here are 100 things that are sure to make you smile:

  1. smileA big belly laugh from a baby
  2. Hearing “I love you mommy!”
  3. Cooking for your loved ones. We have some great recipes for you to try!
  4. Snuggling with your kids (or furbabies!)
  5. Sunshine
  6. A kiss from a furry family member! (Make sure to adopt, not shop, for your next pet!)
  7. Your family
  8. Taking time to act like a kid. Let out your inner child with this DIY Adult Tutu!
  9. Having a clean kitchen. Here is how to keep your kitchen clean in as little as 15 minuets a day!
  10. The smell is a newborn baby
  11. A new pair of fuzzy socks!
  12. Knowing you are loved
  13. A Starbucks Latte
  14. Halloween! (Me too, check out these Halloween recipes,crafts,and ideas!)
  15. 2 words, Cookie.Butter. Here is 10 ways to eat it!
  16. Cute animals
  17. Grandkids
  18. Catching a big fish
  19. Anything Chocolate, like these homemade chocolate candy bars!
  20. Movie night
  21. Road Trips
  22. Curling up with a good book
  23. Christmas Morning
  24. Staying Organized.
  25. Cooking with your kids. We have a whole series of recipes you can make with your kids!
  26. Making other people smile. This is a big one for us, here is how we pay it forward
  27. Having great coworkers. (I know all about this one 😉 )
  28. Hot chocolate
  29. Playing in the snow! Have you ever made your own Snow Cream?
  30. Picking your kids up from school
  31. Planning a wedding. And saving money doing it!
  32. Summer! Here are  100 things to do this summer
  33. Kittens
  34. Sunflowers
  35. Volunteering 
  36. Dancing like no one is watching
  37. Singing silly songs with your kids
  38. Knock-Knock jokes from your kids
  39. Playing online! (Make sure you are being safe!)
  40. God
  41. 80s music
  42. Hosting a Cookout!
  43. Leopard print anything!
  44. Getting a Pedicure. If you can’t afford to go get a professional pedicure, make your own footscrub!
  45. The Beach
  46. Fall leaves
  47. Bonfires
  48. Pizza
  49. A new dress
  50. Finger painting! Make it even more fun by making edible finger paint!
  51. Rescuing Dogs
  52. Losing 5 lbs, here are 20 of the best foods to help you do it.
  53. Shoe shopping
  54. Birthday Cake
  55. Balloons
  56. Seeing a baby smile for the first time
  57. Playdoh! Here is a recipe to make your own.
  58. A big glass of wine
  59. Bubble baths
  60. Bacon. Or a Bacon Bouquet!
  61. New Music from your favorite artist
  62. Thanksgiving Dinner
  63. Watching your kids hunt Easter Eggs. Try these Easter Egg Cakes afterword!
  64. Thunderstorms
  65. Reality Shows
  66. Listening to the rain
  67. Date Night
  68. Red Lipstick
  69. Disneyworld!
  70. Ben & Jerry’s
  71. Disney Movies
  72. Superbowl Commercials
  73. Lucky Charms
  74. Bubbles! Learn how to make your own Bubble Refill Station!
  75. Relaxing in a Hot Tub
  76. McDonald’s French Fries
  77. Birthday Parties. Here are some great tips for hosting a birthday party.
  78. Skydiving
  79. Pumpkin Carving
  80. Trimming a Christmas Tree
  81. Black Friday
  82. Ebay
  83. Leaving cookies out for Santa, and then being able to eat them when your kids go to sleep
  84. Know that you are beautiful.
  85. Butterflies
  86. Girls night out
  87. Watching your kids perform in a play
  88. My Tattoos, Even if not everyone agrees with them.
  89. First Birthdays
  90. Pinterest!
  91. Morning Snuggles
  92. Getting a new haircut
  93. Cupcakes
  94. Teddy Bears
  95. Getting a letter for a friend
  96. My Mommy (this was my little girls contribution)
  97. Facebook
  98. Mexican Food
  99. New Pjs
  100. Waking up happy, healthy, and alive.

What is something that makes you smile?

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  1. says

    What a great list for encouragement and smiling! I was with my gkids this weekend and caught their bug. Home sick alone today 🙁 DH out hunting. I feel much happier and smilier after reading your list! Thanks.

  2. Berenice says

    Been having a really hard time lately , and it’s been getting harder and harder to find reasons to smile about thank you so much for taking the time to do this , it helped a lot! God bless you and your family!

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