Paying it forward


Paying it Forward

I hope you have been inspired by the power we all have to make a difference. You can see my inspiration in my $100 story.  I have heard that some of thing I have done could possible offend people. I am here to tell you if your heart is in the right place then you can’t offend anyone. If it is offensive then I intend to offend as many people as possible this year by helping others.  You may not have money and you may not have a lot of time but if you have a big heart and a willingness to let others in then. Help me by participating each Friday to pay it forward. I will do an envelop drop each Friday. I will put a business card I made on Ink garden into an envelop with a gift card or cash and leave it on a car window of a stranger. The purpose is to create kindness. I mean who wouldn’t get excited over someone else thinking about them.

We have a list of things you can do for FREE to help others. I am going to ask that you document what you have done this week to help others. If you fill out the form below. I will collect our journey and document it in our $100 story. It was my resolution this year to create a “Helping others Revolution.”


Topic: Paying it Forward

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  1. Arline says

    I just got home from the grocery store and there was an elderly women that was ahead of me in the check out and she had maybe 15-20 items all healthy like soup and veggies, milk and bread. She only had a $20 bill so she started telling the cashier to put this and that back to bring her total down and she told the cashier that she just got her prescriptions and that she just didnt have any more money! My heart died so i looked at him and handed him my debt card and before she could turn around he was bagging her grocery’s ALL off them and the York Peppermint Patty she was eying up!! 🙂 She almost cried when she turned around to see me just smiling at her and she tried to hand me the $20 and i refused it!!!! I told her Happy New Year and she smiled back and said most people your age would have pushed me out of the way because i was taking to long…NOT I..I assured her there were still good people out there!

    • Tammy says

      What a wonderful thing you did. We should help the elderly & respect them as you have done. God Bless you Arline!!!

      • Debby B says

        Wow! That was such a kind thing that you did! I’m sure she’ll never forget your kindness!! If only everyone would reach out a hand to the elderly, our children could learn sooo much just watching what you did! Sharing and not being selfish! You are an angel here on earth!

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