100 things you can do to help others for FREE

100 things you can do to help others for FREE pay it forward

Have you read my $100 Story? That is what started the movement at Madame Deals and this year I am on a mission to help others. I am going to do what it takes to build the biggest army of helpful people there is. I have gathered a group of super star woman and created the Mission Giveaway Group. Where we give out one prize each week to one of you and one prize for you to give to someone else. I believe nothing feels as good as doing for someone else. I hope you not only follow my journey but become a leader in my plight!

This list is thanks to my readers. Please leave comments below so we can add to our list. These are not only to help others but great ways to make you happy as well.

100 Things you can do to help others for FREE


  1. Use your website to create a mission that everyone can participate in. It only takes one person to create change. Amee (Madame Deals)
  2. Go to an elderly person house and do yard work for them.Angie Horton Goens
  3. Go to a nursing home or hospital and visit with them Angie Horton Goens
  4. Clean a friends house or do their laundry if they are unable to or cook them a meal. Sometimes just inviting them to dinner can lift their spirits! Help them by running an errand if you are already out n about in town…..Mow their yard if their mower is broke…so many things to list! April L Ross-Nottingham
  5. Compliment a total stranger in a grocery store 🙂 Jzzyj Gina
  6. Give extra coupons away, donate items no longer needed or used to someone who can use them. Anna Brady
  7. Donate outgrown clothes to families that need them. Sally Thompson
  8. Say THANK YOU to your spouse-let’s them know you still appreciate them and not for granted ? Jzzyj Gina
  9. Coupon for hygiene items, and then take the items to a homeless shelter or a shelter for battered and abused woman and children. Patty Brunty Mays
  10. Collect samples and freebies and take them to women’s shelters or animal shelters. Every little bit helps Margaret Maggie Porter
  11. Organize a rummage sale for a cause/charityMichelle Wojtasiak Coughlin
  12. Smile at everyone you see, you never know a friendly smile could brighten anyone’s day up!Kathleen Kellams
  13. Next time when your in line (Listen to the person’s total in front of you) if you can afford it, HURRY and hand the cashier YOUR money/credit card and say I got it. INSIST on it ? Tell them you owe me nothing. Jzzyj Gina
  14. Make dinner for a friend that is in need. Not only does it help them but it brightens their spirits to eat dinner with you. Also if you do not use a coupon in your Sunday paper try to think of someone that may need it. It always helps to save a buck. Julia Drama-Queen Fish
  15. Cut your neighbors yard for them 🙂 Jzzyj Gina
  16. Smile!!! Sometimes someone is having a bad day and a smile is all that it takes to brighten them up!!! Jo Ann Hayes Hart
  17. Wash a neighbors car! Jzzyj Gina
  18. Make a homeless person a meal, they’ll appreciate it! Marti Renfroe
  19. Start a coupon swap at your office, where people can drop in and take out as needed. Kristen Whitfield Killinger
  20. If your lazy, have the WHOLE house cleaned by the time your parents/spouse/roommate gets home that evening 🙂 SERIOUSLY LOL!! Jzzyj Gina
  21. Volunteer at a school (help in the office, read with a student, cut out things for the teacher, etc.) Rhonda Tester Guinn
  22. Run errands for seniors or neighbors. Rebecca Solis-Autry
  23. Pay for some ones groceries or a portion in the grocery line. Rebecca Solis-Autry
  24. Collect shopping carts when done shopping,Jackie Clark
  25. List of 100 things we can do for FREE… smile. Jackie Clark
  26. Create your on coupon and hand them out to family and friends, such as : free babysitting services for a Saturday nite out, help out with your spring cleaning, shocel your driveway, you get the idea, this could go on and on. John Ryan
  27. Listen !!! Betty Shaffer
  28. If you are at a grocery store and you are heading inside..why not take someone’s cart inside? There are always people finished with their shopping carts and searching for a place to put it! I know that this would help me. Little Sprinkles Of Fun
  29. Use your couponing to help a food closet at one of the local churches. They make sure that the food goes to families in need. Buy clothes and given them to a family in need or to one of the local churches that help cloth those in need. Anna Wactor
  30. Write letters or make cards to send to military members serving our country. Then send them to Keystone Soldiers for distribution. You could also shovel snow or cut grass or do minor repairs for a veteran or military family with someone serving overseas. Kyle Lord
  31. Visit someone in the nursing home that has no family or friends, recently at work we discovered 23 people in one that had NO ONE, we bought them Christmas presents on what they had on their list. Just about all of them had simple items like wanted a button up sweater, new pants, new shirt. I have also taken shoe boxes and decorated them and filled them with items like lotions etc and delivered them to each person in the nursing home. Connie Reeves Boswell
  32. Get freebies and donate them to others. Ellen Meachum
  33. If you know how to crochet do some lap blankets for the people in a nursing home, I don’t know how but people that worked for me did and we had yarn donated and we took them to them. Connie Reeves Boswell
  34. Just go visit someone in the nursing home that has No one, the company and caring means a lot to them. Connie Reeves Boswell
  35. Take the coupons you are not going to use and give them to the girls at Walmart, etc, they don’t make a lot and are really appreciative. Connie Reeves Boswell
  36. Volunteer to cook a dinner for families that are staying in your local Ronald McDonald House Charities. Chrissy Stanek
  37. When grocery shopping always pick up a few things for your elderly neighbors….of course at no charge….I do this all the time for my mom and her neighbors and they really appreciate it….a little kindness goes a long way :)Carla Jackson
  38. www.RingBells.org >>> my kids and I ring bells for The Salvation Army USA every year. We hand out Hershey Kisses, mini candy canes, and sing carols. Chrissy Stanek
  39. Volunteer for a local Habitat for Humanity http://?www.volunteermatch.org/ or http://www.serve.gov/Volunteer for your local food pantry, or throw a food drive fundraiser – http://feedingamerica.org/?get-involved/volunteer.aspx Chrissy Stanek
  40. Next time it snows, shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk Deborah Rosen
  41. Contact your local health & human services office and ask to speak with a volunteer coordinator. Chrissy Stanek
  42. Contact your local school and volunteer to tutor or read to children.a child. Chrissy Stanek
  43. Take your neighbors trash to the street on trash day! Shirley Emert Carr
  44. Want to help animals? Find a local shelter where you can volunteer – http://www.petfinder.com/?shelters.html Chrissy Stanek
  45. Walk someone pet that is disabled or elderly.. 🙂 Jessica Hall Sizemore
  46. Log on to your local Craigslist –> Craigslist.org > Communities > Volunteers Chrissy Stanek
  47. Take toys and movies to the children’s ward at your local hospital(s). Krystal Kelly Greer
  48. Rake leaves in the fall. . . . shovel snow in the winter . . . plant their flowers in the Spring . . . water their plants, weed their garden in the summer. Kathie S
  49. Color holiday decorations or make craft decorations for residents in a local nursing home, and come deliver them yourself. Bring a few books to read to the residents, they’ll never turn down company! Find simple print-outs at sites like – http://familyfun.go.com/?printables/?holiday-printables Chrissy Stanek
  50. Carry groceries to the car of someone who has difficulty walking. If you know the person, offer to go to the person’s home and carry the groceries inside. Lisa Curtis

Aren’t these great ways to serve others. Share caring with some kindness. Check out the next 50 items you can do to help others for FREE.

  1. Knock on their door and just ask them if there is something you can do for them today. Tell them that you are trying to rack up your ‘community service’ hours (so they don’t feel embarrassed that you asked). There is always something needing to be done in any home – dusting the cobwebs in the corner, cleaning out the gutters, mowing the grass, etc.. Kathie S
  2. Organize a weeks worth of meals for those with newborn babies or a sick child. Krystal Kelly Greer
  3. Have expired coupons (you KNOW you do!) Have coupons you won’t use? (you KNOW you do) Why not send them overseas for our troops to use (they can many times use expired coupons, too!) – madamedeals.com/reminder-expired-coupons-for-troops/ Chrissy Stanek
  4. Quick Bake cookies and take them to the local fire station or police station or teacher’s lounge at a local school simply to say “THANKS!” Beth Nason
  5. Donate clothes that no longer fit or that you no longer wear.
  6. Give out compliments that you mean and simply be polite.
  7. Recycle. Randi Wall
  8. Make your own cards for the troops and/or child cancer patients (get the kids in on this one). Randi Wall
  9. Donate books that you no longer read. Randi Wall
  10. Just be kind. Randi Wall
  11. When you have a lot of leftovers and you don’t think you’ll end up eating them all (think: big batch of soup in the crock pot, etc), take a throw away container (old margarine container, or the plastic tubs lunch meat comes in) and fill it up. While you’re out and about, offer it to someone who is homeless/needs a meal (In our city, panhandling is allowed as long as you don’t approach people. You can stand at the intersection with a sign and my husband has handed out many meals on his way to work) Loni Gofran
  12. If you have a neighbor who is elderly, disabled, or ill, offer to take that person’s trash can to the curb on collection days. After the trash is picked up, take the can back to its regular spot.Lisa Curtis
  13. If you know someone who shops at a military commisary* they accept expired coupons up to 6 months. So send your expired coupons to someone in the military who uses coupons. Stephanie Jordan
  14. Babysit, dogsit, housesit, take in someone’s mail, offer to clean their house, offer to shovel snow/rake/mow, sit and listen, write an encourageing note, sing to them, read to them, PRAY for themKris Lyon Foushee
  15. Shovel your entire block’s sidewalks before they get up in the morning. Chrissy Stanek
  16. Volunteer at your local elementary school. They can always use the help. And you get the added benefit of all the smiles from the students, and sometimes even hugs!Terry Bell
  17. Visit a local women’s shelter and spend an hour reading to the kids. Emay Jai
  18. Something free of charge – if you are out an about hold the door for someone else. Have the person behind you go first. If you have extra coupons you aren’t going to use hand them to someone who may use them. (Looking at a particular product. While you are holding the coupon in your hand.) If you are at a fast food restaurant and you have a coupon for a free Chick-fil-a sandwich hand it to them if you don’t intend on using it. Smile – Last time I checked that was free. If you see someone has dropped their keys pick them up for them. They may have a disability and can’t bend. You would be blessing by paying it forward with Random Acts of Kindness. 🙂 Tanesha Edwards
  19. When you see a mom in public who is struggling with a child’s behavior, take a moment to say something kind to her.  Trisha Wieber
  20. Also, if you see a parent(s) with multiple children in tow, please don’t make comments like “Are they all yours? Wow. I can’t even keep up with my one child/two children.” Instead, share something positive about the family like, “You have a beautiful family. It’s nice to see families shopping together.” Trisha Wieber
  21. Offer babysitting for them or free housecleaning for 2 – 3 hours Debbie Saville
  22. Offer to make a meal for someone who is feeling under the weather. Rhonda Greig
  23. Send a note to someone you know who is having a difficult time…or an elderly person in your neighborhood who has no one…let them know someone is thinking of them. Diane Murray
  24. If you get the newspaper delivered to you, and you can read it in the morning, pass it on to another neighbor or elderly person who may enjoy it after you. Diane Murray
  25. Drop your old magazines off at a senior center or retirement home, hospice or other place that may enjoy them.Diane Murray
  26. http://feedingamerica.org/ its not free though donating only $0.12 is what it cost for 1 meal. Sherri Covington
  27. You can give your never used luggage to foster kids. They often have to move their things in garbage bags. Contact family services in your county and city to donate. Foogan
  28. Teach someone a skill you are good at. Amee Madame Deals
  29. We never go a day in our home without helping another person and it’s the little things that count. A smile to acknowledge they exist, a hello how are you, helping somebody who is trying to reach something high on a shelf in the grocery store, helping someone to the car with their grocery cart, helping a neighbor unload their car, taking your leftovers to a homeless person, making a card to send to the local hospital/nursing home for somebody who has no family,cleaning an elderly or handicapped persons home who would otherwise have to struggle to do it themselves or pay out of pocket, fix a meal for neighbors ( usually just a casserole in one of those foil pans with a lid so they can warm in it and then they won’t have to wash the dish either. Mary Miller-Quartemont
  30. Donate old coats and blankets to shelters. Lisa Champion Greene
  31. Pick a day with a neighbor and take turns each week driving to the grocery store. Gas prices keep rising!! Sandra Smith
  32. At an evening function, scrape the windows on the cars next to you. keep the coffee pot full on Mondays. Jennifer Markestad
  33. Smile at a stranger. You never know, it may be the highlight of their day 🙂 Janice Gardner Magruder
  34. Offer to watch the little ones while they do errands, grocery shop, dr. appt, hair appt, etc Sandra Smith
  35. Quick pay for someone’s meal at the drive-thru or restaurant anonymously. Beth Nason
  36. Offer to mow the lawn or bring in firewood for an older person who can’t get around very well. Offer to grocery shop for a new Mom, a sick friend or an elderly person.Diane Murray
  37. Write a nice note. People love that! Clean their house! I would LOVE it if someone did that for me!  Zené Snider
  38. My husband uncle lives downstairs from us. He has diabeties and no legs. When I cook I always make extra for him…. Makes me feel good to help him.. Jessica Hall Sizemore
  39. If ur going somewhere,,,grocery store, walmart , pharmacy ect offer neighbors if they need some thing to pick up… checking in with each other saves gas time an energy,, cost u know more an saves others! Dana Wood
  40. Offer a ride to someone who doesn’t have a car. Amee Madame Deals
  41. collect stuffed animals from friends and family and give them to kids that are sick and have cancer. Holly Cheatham Saunders
  42. I use my free products coupons I win from blogs like cereal, and hand them out or take them to the food bank. Tamara Bennington
  43. Donating all the travel size things we get to the homeless shelters.Cassandra Boyd Willis
  44. I work for a local community action agency and I distribute them to those who need them. samples that is. Denise Woods
  45. Start a diaper/clothing drive for your community. What we did and still do is ask anyone and everyone to bring in any unused portion(s) of their diapers/clothing that their child has outgrown and exchange for ones we may have. It starts out small but will grow in time and involve your local community news station and area churches to get the word out. Its a great FREE way to help out anyone and everyone who is in need regardless of income. God Bless “George Fields
  46. If you see a problem be part of the solution.Think of something to help Amee Madame Deals
  47. If you notice a mom is trying to get something done in a store offer to help with the kids for a minute so she doesn’t lose her mind.
  48. Teach your children the importance of giving back and doing for others.
  49. Share this list and encourage others to do more. They will thank you later.
Pay it forward contest comments-
Make homemade gifts and give them out just because Trisha Wieber

Topic: 100 Things you can do to help others for FREE

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  1. Jaime Dubey says

    Get the little ones involved as well, we belong to a site and she makes pictures that gets sent to one person, whenever there is a child sick weather at home or in the hospital the child gets a few cards or pictures that are handmade usually by a child in the same age range. I know when my daughter was in the hospital for 21 days it brightened her day when she got all this mail. It also brightened the dark yucky room they had her in

  2. Penny A says

    I love this concept and I do get my kids involved in helping others. I really like it when we do the food drive for Harvey Hope I can feel the love everyone has for people in their community.

  3. Erin Collins says

    This is great! I (like many others, I’m sure) would love to help out, but lack the funds to do so. These are perfect alternatives!

  4. MeLisa White says

    I love the ideas on this article. Will definitely try to assimilate some of these into my life in the near future!

  5. Thea Tapson says

    If everyone who contributed to this list, and everyone who reads it, does just ONE thing off this list, it will make the world a better place. If only we could do all of them…

  6. Angela says

    Thanks for sharing! We love to help others. My son likes to help so much that he runs to help someone when they drop something and some think he is trying to take it…lol. He would never do that. And one time in walmart, he picked up some change a sweet lady dropped and handed it to her and she gave him $2 for his kindness. :). This list will surely help us in finding more ways to pay it forward. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Ami says

    A simple Thank you when someone does something for you. And Always say Have a nice/wonderful day or evening to someone. It might makes someones day!!

  8. Cathy says

    Definitely take the kids to mission projects. Starting them early will prepare them to be better givers in the future.

  9. Nicole Kois says

    I enjoyed reading this 🙂 I also love your post with your kids pics 🙂 beautiful lil ones…

  10. says

    I like the look over the persons cart in front of me and hand them coupons I’m not using that would help them out. I gave a man 2 free product coupons for yogurt and he told me I made his day. 🙂

  11. Vickie Bouzerrara says

    I live in elderly and disabled apartments. I am not yet elderly, I am disabled. I take a couple of the elderly women, who live here, to town to get what they need. Gro. store, Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Freds and Dollar Tree. These ladies do not have a car. I know how much they appreciate it. I never ask for gas money at all. This brings me great pleasure to do this for these wonderful ladies!

  12. athena d. says

    i stumbled upon another good deed today.. i had to run out for milk because we ran out, i saw an elderly man stumble out of his car and almost fall… i quickly got out of mine and helped him up the curb and held the door open for him. i dont think i have ever seen someone smile as big as he did. i loove seeing people happy, i like to prove that there are still good people in the world… and that girls with tattoos are nice too lol

  13. says

    Such a great thing to keep at the front of our minds all year round and not just the winter/Christmas portion of the year!! So with that said I will let you know what we do for our community through out the year with our small bicycle shop.
    Since we own a small mobile bike shop it is easy for us to help out at community events and locations like the community centers. In the last two years we have donated over 200 hours of bike work to those who can’t afford it, those who come to Safe Routes to School events, Special Olympics Idaho, the Federation for the Blind and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Idaho. We donate our time wrenching on bikes and educating about bike safety, any way we can help we do it. We also travel to Burns, OR to help with their bikes since they do not have a local bike shop. My husband will also pull over and help people who are pushing their bikes down the road, most of the time for no charge.
    It’s an awesome feeling knowing our small business can keep people on their bikes!

  14. Suzian Landreth Cunningham says

    Believe in yourself…love yourself…forgive yourself…and treat others with respect and compassion. When you do all of these things, you teach others how to do them also. Be the change you want to see. It is especially important for mothers AND fathers to display these attributes when raising their children, whether divorced or not. Children are like mirrors and sponges…we will change the world by changing the next generation. 🙂

  15. Rosalind Ward says

    My daughter and I started collecting pennies at the start of the year to give to a family shelter like the one we had to stay in for awhile when she was 1. I know it cost but what is a penny. She picked them from the ground, saved from her allowance. We will also be participating at our local food bank to feed the homeless. And my daughter is putting away the candy bag to trick or treat for cans.

  16. Kimberly Listrud says

    I like the may day basket idea only all year round. you make up some baskets with food or treats (or anything you know the recipient will need or like) and leave it on the doorstep. You can also hand deliver it but I like to remain anonymous. Knock and run and hide or get out of sight is best. They get a surprise and they don’t have to feel embarrassed or obliged to return the gifts or feel obliged to owe you a favor. Good exercise also.

  17. Suzie says

    I didn’t have time to read all of these great ideas but I love to help out friends with food. I love to make meals for friends that are sick or going through a hard time.

  18. sandy weinstein says

    i already do several of the things listed. when my mom was at assisted living i used to help other people, that needed to be pushed or get food for them, shopping, carry in things for them, make phone calls for them; i also use coupons to get things free now and give/donate them to charities/animal rescues;i also donate flowers and herbs that i grow to friends and people;i also do errands for some of my friends; i give lots of things to my dog breeder and ship them to her….toys, treats, etc. i also gave thousands of dollars of clothes away to friends, acquaintances and charities.

  19. Susan H. says

    I always prepare food for those in need in my church….deaths, sickness, etc. I also love to take my mom fresh cooked food and baked goods I prepare.

  20. jessica layer says

    we donate clothes and food and share coupons not needed. and help the elderly down the street

  21. Denise L says

    I would help my co-worker. I do a lot of these free things for her already, but wish I could give her something to help her monetarily. Thanks for sharing – this is a great list!

  22. Debra Pauley says

    i like Organize a weeks worth of meals for those with newborn babies, because my neice just had a baby boy.

  23. John Hutchens says

    great ideas for helping. I would like to help my elderly neighbors, who seem to help everyone. thanks for the ideas

  24. Sharon Siqueiros says

    Pay for the meal of that soldier sitting at the table across from you…..it’s the least we can do for their service

  25. says

    Fortunately when I moved to the house I’m living in now, I live next door to my grandmother. She’s 84 so I help her with stuff outside, my daughter gets her mail and newspaper everyday. 🙂 It’s nice to be here to help and my daughter loves being able to help too!

  26. jamie braun says

    the one we do the most is donate items no longer needed or used to our local catholic charities

  27. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I have a whole bunch of samples/freebies that I would love to share with those in need. I also have some other items I have won that I would like to give to someone who could use it. We also donate regularly to the salvation army and there is an orphanage in Africa that I love to help out: http://www.tacool.org.ug/

  28. Sarah Madrigal says

    Everyday, I try to help others in one way or another. I live on a street where there are elderly people and I like to check on them once in awhile to make sure they are feeling okay. Give them a friendly hug and let them know I care. Also, I always wave to our neighbors when coming and going to the store. One unique thing I like to do, during holidays, I like to make sure that the elderly are not forgotten about. So I always get a little gift and take it to them and tell them I care. I think it is very important to always think about others on a daily basis.

  29. Danielle says

    I just have a comment on #35. Do not EVER gift anything to a Walmart employee. It puts them in an awkward position to have to turn you down. They lose their jobs if they accept any type of anything from a customer. It’s company policy and it’s enforced. They seriously fire excellent employees that customers are so impressed with that they want to reward them personally. And they treat the employee like a thief. I’ve never worked at Walmart, but I’ve heard some pretty horrible stories from those who have.

  30. Jmstrunk says

    Something I like to do is share software codes if they’re good for more than one device and I know I won’t use them all. This is especially useful for tax software, as the people who need their tax return the most are usually not the people that can afford to pay someone $50 for help or software.

  31. Jessica says

    #47 is my favorite because my daughter does this often, my sister is a nurse at a children’s hospital and Hannah loves to donate toys and movies.

  32. Shannon S says

    Number 99 spoke to me. If we dont teach our children to help others, who will? Kids are very observant. They watch even when we think they arent looking.

  33. Elizabeth Soriano says

    Add someone you saw or meet during the day to the Prayer list at church, so that a prayer will be said for them.

  34. says

    I am cooking for a friend becuse she has 5 kids and is sick. I usually well dinners for a living but I am going to make dinner for her. I also smile at strangers all the time some smile back most dont they just give me dirty looks. I am also going to help my friend clean her new home for free, she offered to pay but I will not accept it.

  35. says

    I am totally in love with this. It abides by the things we try to teach our family as the kids grow. Also a good thing to take points from as a boy scout and girl scout leader for them to get ideas of everyday service for others.

  36. ellen beck says

    If you walk your dog or walk your neighborhood, take the time to look up and SMILE or say hello. It may be the only smile the person a passed it along to gets all day.

  37. says

    There are a lot of these I do daily, I never thought of them being a good deed, just common courtesy to our elders. Just like yesterday we helped a elderly man in the elevator figure out which way to go. And my children let him go first and always say please and thank you. Just a common courtesy I was raised up, always treat others as you want to be treated.

  38. becky vanderpool says

    My daughter and I are making christmas ornaments for the elderly and taking them to one of the local elderly homes in our area.

  39. Lorna Patrick says

    I love this and try my hardest to do something nice for someone at least once a week. It makes me feel good to do random acts of kindness for people 🙂

  40. says

    So many great ideas! I love it. I am going to print it and see how many I can expand to (some I do already) my challenge for self is to do at least one but hopefully three a day.

  41. Keely Hostetter says

    So many great ideas. We volunteer every year in December to host a bingo for a low income housing unit. It’s free to play and a meal and prizes. My kids love doing it.

  42. Sacha Schroeder says

    Thank you for all of these wonderful . We often forhow easy it is to help others. Sometimes a smile is all it takes. Thank you for these reminders.

  43. Lisa Konieczke says

    Go down to your local food bank and volunteer a couple hours to sort and pack food boxes, prep to be shipped out to homeless shelters, women’s shelters, etc. Food Banks can always use extra hands to not only donate but to help sort and pack food into boxes.

  44. says

    Love this! How great to take one or two a week and implement them!
    We like to make up large ziploc bags full of necesseties (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/washcloth, deodorant, etc) and some food items or fun things and keep them in the car to hand to homeless people who stand at redlights asking for help. We can’t always give money, but this is a way to help out and say we care.

  45. Roberta Sawyers says

    At my Flea Market Booth I donate pens, pencils, children’s books, notepads, etc to teachers that are some of my customers. Schools and Education are have had budget cuts and teachers spend money some of the little income they make on supplies for their classes. Our kids and Our Elderly should NEVER have benefits cut from what little they get. Donate to your local schools and Elder Services to help Make a Difference in “SPECIAL” peoples lives.

  46. debi rathbun says

    This is a great list. Everyone should aspire to do at least one selfless thing a day, it all makes a HUGE impact, no matter how small!

  47. Maria says

    Every Christmas on christmas eve my young daughter, mom and I devote the whole day making tamales. MY daughter also makes a few batches of cookies and little notes. Then in the evening we pack it all up and her grandpa delivers it to tent city(nicknamed by the city)
    It is where all the people and families that have been layed off reside due to not being able to afford a place to live. Her grandpa hands out all the tamales and cookies and notes as a christmas eve dinner. Find a place where homeless reside and bring them a warm christmas eve dinner while getting the whole family involved.

  48. Mary Culpepper says

    Oh, I really feel like this was such a beautiful post and it really spoke to me today. I spoke to my husband about it and I said that I thought he and I should each do something for someone in our neighborhood. So while he was outside mowing and edging and cleaning up our lawn, he went ahead and did our next door neighbors too. He is an older man who keeps his yard so beautiful, but you can see how hard it has been getting for him to be out there taking care of it. He was so happy, he hugged my husband and told him it couldn’t have come at a better time because he has been feeling under the weather lately and the break was just what he needed. While by husband was working outside and I was making our families dinner, I also prepared a meal for a family in our neighborhood. They are such a great family, but the Mom has three kids to take care of, and a husband who travels long distances for work, so I thought she deserved a break too. My husband and I were trying to do these good deeds to help others feel good, but we both ended up feeling so good too! LOVED this post!

  49. Katie says

    I love the idea of taking out your neighbors trash. We have so many elderly people in our neighborhood and with the weather getting bad I will start taking my neighbors out. Great list.

  50. Sheryl Pescor says

    These are all great ideas. I bring in my elderly neighbors trash cans as well. I have donated some furniture that I no longer need to a Women’s Shelter for battered women. I try to be helpful and pay it forward all year long.

  51. Samantha Hill says

    My kiddos & I go through their clothes & toys once a month or so and always donate them. Either to other children we know need them or to our local helping hand shop. 🙂
    They feel so good afterwards.

  52. Jaimie Adams says

    Thank you for sharing this list. These are great and I love to think about how people have done these things for me, too. 🙂 I especially like #47.Take toys and movies to the children’s ward at your local hospital(s). My daughter has had many stays in the hospital and she often doesn’t have items from home to keep her company. Toys, movies, crafts, etc. help to pass the time and give the kids something to smile about. Thanks!

  53. Brandy says

    These are all great ideas! We are big on donations, if I’m not using it, I’d like to give it to someone who could use it. From food to clothing, extra toiletry items, whatever it is. If I have it and don’t really need it we give it to someone who does 🙂

  54. carissa smith says

    There are so many good ones on here! I love to donate items (or pass on to someone who needs them). I also love to show appreciation somehow to my loved ones.

  55. Heather R. says

    This time last year around the holidays I saw an elderly woman shopping. She was very well put together and radiated beauty. I stopped her and told her how beautiful I thought she was, and how well she had fixed her hair.

    She was so grateful for my compliment and had tears in her eyes. Knowing that I had brightened her day made me feel good. (Plus she reminded me of my late Aunt).

    I don’t know what she was going through in her life, but I could tell she needed to hear what I told her.


  56. Courtney Pack says

    We had two generous surprises last Christmas. The car in front of us really did pay for the breakfast order for my whole family on Christmas Eve. And someone payed for our gas at the pump. Sweet anonymous gifts that warmed our hearts and we hope to pay forward soon!

  57. Esther says

    I love this! I hope I can do more of them. Compliment somebody today. Not just the way they look but at something they did or have always done.

  58. Marcella Thompson says

    Volunteer to mentor a child. Some times the kids that need mentoring isnt because they do bad things. Sometimes its just because they have a special need or cant make friends or come from a single person home and the parent is doing all they can to survive and could use the help. The reward is powerful and life changing when you see the child grow and develop new skills that you have taught them.

  59. clarissa says

    everyone seems to be concerned about giving and helping others at this time of the year. Remember, however, people are in need YEAR ROUND.

  60. lpcaton says

    I love this! I like to pass put “goody bags” to the homeless. Small soaps and toothpaste gift cards to local restaurants, granola bars and ponchos.my kids enjoy donating toys and warm clothes at Christmas and can foods. I love that they like to get involved

  61. says

    I love the list of ideas and so many are so doable. I suggest when making a meal at home, make a freezer meal , after you have accumulated several invite a neighbor who lives alone over and share a meal with them and send them home with your freezer meals. Get to know the people in your communities you would be surprised by the wonderful people out there you don’t know yet.

  62. Natasha says

    These are some great ideas. I’m constantly donating my girls’ clothes that they have outgrown to families that I know need them.

  63. Billie says

    I love #99 my children have birthdays rite after Christmas and every November I have went threw their rooms and have been able to donate toys and clothes to other families that way they can provide to their families with gifts. My children know that every year they recieve new toys or clothes and want to share with kids who may not have parents to provide for them or the parents do not have the funds to provide for them .

  64. says

    My favorite is top of the list … going and helping (cook, clean, laundry) at someone’s house when they *need* the help. Trust me when I was a new mom I definitely needed it!

  65. Jodi D. says

    I really like this list because all of these are things you can do with children and teach them charity and compassion.
    Another thing to add is donating old clothes to homeless shelters or charities!

  66. Yvonne B. says

    Being observant to the needs of others is important. It is never easy to ask someone for help even when you need it, but if someone simply acts in your behalf, it is such a warm feeling. To give without being asked or expecting to be recognized for your act of kindness is what being truly generous means.

  67. Catherine Larkin says

    I love to surprise the person in line behind me at the coffee shop by buying their coffee. I feel like such a small gesture could restore a persons faith in their fellow man.

  68. erin king says

    Make a point to do something nice for someone at every shopping trip. People get in such a hurry and can be so rude, especially this time of year. Hold a door, let someone pass you in the aisle, reach for a hard to get item (especially for a shorter elderly person – our seniors deserve some respect and care), let the person behind you at checkout go ahead of you, let someone at Aldi keep your cart quarter, and above all, smile!

  69. Heather Smith says

    I LOVE this! What an awesome list of ideas and we should ALL be thoughtful of ways we can help others. I especially love #2 and #3 because I have elderly grandparents and my mother is an events coordinator for a retirement community. I have a big heart for the elderly and the joy you receive from helping them is unlike any other.

  70. Michele Barnette Littlejohn says

    My children and I always adopted one or two children each year for christmas and I still try that they are grown.

    But we always find someone who can use any clothes they have outgrown or no longer want

  71. Jody Arbogast says

    If everyone would do atleast half of all the good deeds on the list,the world would be a better place. It was last week and I was at the store, I was searching my purse for money, this lady said “how much are you short”. I was like wow! I thought that was the nicest thing a stranger has done for me in a long time.

  72. Kristine says

    Smiling and saying hi to people (considering I am a shy person)
    Donating outgrown clothes and furniture not needed (hopefully someone else can use it)
    Helping an elderly person in a department store find a product or someone to help them
    Help in finding a car in a huge parking lot
    Holding the door for someone
    These are just some of the things My kids and myself do around town!
    Thanks for listening!

  73. heidi eaton says

    I also live in Elderly disabled housing and my husband and I are the youngest in the complex. we take out trash, pick up things at the market and my husband a former mechanic even helps some of them with car problems. When my granddaughters are over and we do crafts, they end up giving them to the other children in the playground that’s in the family housing section of our complex. A lot of the things on your list are already being done by most people everyday. I think it’s a great way to live.

  74. Jane Ritz says

    I am friendly to others. I also had an extra ham. I gave it to a person who had lost her husband and is having a hard time. I will give the person in front of me a little change if they need it. Holding the door for someone is a big help or help a disabled person unload their groceries. Thanks for all these ideas.

  75. Daraya says

    Thanks for posting some amazing ideas! Since the holidays are coming around, I would love to help people out in my community without pushing my budget! 🙂

  76. Margaret Keuffer says

    We have a tendency to forget the elderly living alone and/or in nursing homes.Giving yourself and your time to them is more valuable to them than you could ever know. Listening to them, really listening, is also important. Be blessed !

  77. Rachael Henzman says

    I love the smile at every one you see idea! That is something I try to do every day! It really does make a difference! Thanks for the great list!

  78. Janell says

    Become a foster parent, or help out foster families by making a meal for them, buying the kids clothes/diaper, clothes, etc. Get approved to take care of foster kids on a short term basis, like Thanksgiving and Christmas so the kids don’t have to stay in the shelter on holidays.

  79. Jackie McNutt says

    All great ideas. Giving back is so important Thank you I am doing as many as I can for the holidays. Buy extra meal ingredients and drop off at someone’s house who needs them

  80. Lydia Clark says

    Great ideas. I think that praying is so important to helping others. I know I’m religious with this one, but saying a prayer for someone who needs it is important to me. Additionally, encouragement gets someone into a place that they weren’t before with just a small push. We love to encourage it forward around our house!

  81. Andrina G says

    My favorite is 78. Sometimes kids have everything they own in garbage bags. I am going to donate my old luggage. thanks for this idea,

  82. Kelly woods says

    These are all great ideas!!! I think a smile goes a long so i think that is very important. Something my family is doing this year is…. My husband is a prison missionary. We are collecting trial size toiletries items to give 1300 inmates for Christmas. We are not here to judge them for the crimes. Some of them need to be where they are, However, we are here to show them the love of Jesus and show them the forgiveness He offers.

  83. Jessica Whitehouse says

    Wonderful ideas! As a SAHM with 3 kids, one idea that would make real difference for me would be to volunteer to babysit. Maybe work out a system to trade babysitting with another mom, so you can each have a break away from the children.

  84. Michelle says

    We like to bake cookied and visit with elderly people. My uncle is in a rehab place after back surgery nd there are a lot of terminally sick people there. Just getting see my little girls brightens their day. Its not mucb but we do whst we csn, and just seeing their smiles brightens OUR day.

  85. Kerry Gillespie says

    I love sharing my extra coupons with strangers in line at stores, to help someone else save some money! And visiting the senior home with my kids to trick or treat this year was so amazing!

  86. says

    When you’re scraping the frost off your car windows in the morning, get your neighbor’s too. And don’t tell them you did it. I guarantee they’ll be smiling all day wondering who did it.

  87. says

    This isn’t totally free, but probably could be. If you know someone who is alone on the holidays, fill a stocking with little things you know he or she could use and hang it on their doorknob late on Christmas Eve. I did this for an elderly neighbor one year, filling the stocking with things like gloves, a knit hat, and a cardinal figurine (he was always telling me how much he loved watching the cardinals at my feeders)…after Christmas, he told me about the stocking and all of the things he found in it. I never told him that I was the one who did it, not sure if he figured it out or not, but I know his joy made me happy then and still (long after he’s been gone) to this day, I smile when I think about it.

  88. Brandi Dawn says

    Collect things around the house, and get others to do the same. For example, coats, hats, gloves, etc…and give to the homeless!

  89. McKenzie Kennedy says

    #20 is so me! I never have the house clean, but when I actually get up the motivation to do it, my husband is so much happier when he comes home. He’s happy all the time, but I can tell that he really appreciates what I did.

  90. Alison says

    I think the easiest thing to do is smile at strangers and say hello – I know they appreciate it and I always like to hear a ‘how are ya?’ Thanks for these.

  91. Arlene Whitfield says

    What a great list! This family does many of these things already but can’t wait to implement the things listed here that we don’t yet. Making copies of this list for sure! Thank you!

  92. Kimberly Whetsell says

    I love all these ideas. I am gonna implement some of these in my community and share these with the local scouts at their holiday party. I have been babysitting for free as a good deed, every now and then a few of my friends don’t have families who can watch their kids while they go out for a bit and parents need time alone to themselves, so I see that they get a night out at least once a month kid free.

  93. Marie shuman says

    I shared the post contest and list . I love to pay it forward specially of things u don’t need and others can use. Like how the list including things like giving your time volunteering in schools not just money items. Pay it forward helps alot our youngest has medical needs and lotsof Times insurance doesn’t cover so good to have a group online to pass toward used medical equipment or therapy type toys they use to strengthen his low muscle tone …we haven’t yet seen what he needs and posted but have faith. But others on their have so I am pleased

  94. Dianna Thomas says

    Love It, and sharing– We do the soup kitchen weekly and help with the elderly with commodite boxes, that way when we deliver we are checking on them, and see if there is anything else that they may need done, and if they know of anyone else that is needing a little help thanks so much for all you do.

  95. Debbie Hickmon says

    I shared it on facebook, twitter and pin interest. I recently helped a mother with her children in a store and was able to buy a small toy for 3 children and gave it to the mother. Another thing that is really needed to do is if you know a person that is a drug addict, alcoholic, ect. and they are ready to get help, help them find it. I have a friend that I helped get into Two Rivers and a sister that I am helping to get into AA and NA. They have to be ready to help themselves, and so many, that once they are, have no idea how to get help. It is so nice to see someone turn thier life around!

  96. Natasha snell says

    Love all these ideas and it might not be free but one of the things we do to help others is if we see someone is having a hard time paying tolls we pay it for them because we know what it feels like to be stuck trying to pay

  97. sybrina westmoreland says

    Some wonderful ideas I already do quite a few of these. A few I would add is 1 teach your kids the love of reading and learning. 2.Learn what love language is the use and teach it to others. 3.Learn what abusive behavior is and check yourself and others in your life often to make sure you are doing what is right and are being treated right. Thanks for the great job at blogging you are doing.

  98. Maria Singer Nestor says

    Love this article … and have shared it on my FB page!

    Place a nice potted plant near your neighbors steps. (But not where they’d trip over it!) You’d be surprised what such a small gesture means!

  99. Mary Dailey says

    Great suggestions. One thing I like to do is get a book of stamps and all-occasion cards for my elderly friends who can’t get out often, but like to send cards to their friends. They always appreciate it since it means they have them handy when they need them.

  100. Jennifer Thomas says

    Love all these ideas!! I make meals and bring them to friends/church members who are sick, or had a baby etc…

  101. Jessi Casey says

    There are so many great ideas that I couldn’t begin to pick one as a favorite. Any one of then that suggests doing something anonymously would be my #1 choice.

  102. says

    I agree that there are a lot of free, easy or even cheap ways to help someone. We recently learned of someone that has a Christmas tree but doesn’t have decorations for that tree. It is easy to find in expensive ornaments to share with this family to help their tree look a little more festive. My kids are excited to drop of the ornaments tomorrow.

  103. Caylynn H says

    I like this list my family and I always try to help even more during the holidays. I think maybe you should add small gifts just like inexpensive little trinkets its the gift that matters. It can pull someone out of the dumps just like that smile.:)

  104. says

    What a great list! I will share this list of 100 things you can do to help others for free with my friends! We are always looking of ways to pay it forward.

  105. Shayna Shipe says

    I love doing the little things that I can for people, I do not have much, but make what I have go around. The problem with where I live, so many people take advantage that don’t actually need help and the ones who do rarely even get out.

  106. Carrie says

    Remember there is someone out there worse of then yourself……make every effort to be kind and generous to others when possible

  107. stephani knghtly says

    What a great site. if everyone did an act of kindness for someone everyday he wold would a much nicer place. I try to teach Lauren how important it is to treat others the way she wants to be treated.

  108. stephanie knightly says

    We are lucky enough to live 3 miles from the VA nursing home. My daughter loves to go there with my da and visit the elderly people. She says it makes her feel good to talk to them and read to them. She said a lot of them never have anyone come to visit them so it makes her happy to see them happy.

  109. Lisa lee Cook says

    Our family makes holiday snacks and take them to the nursing home to pass out. And my husband buys lunch for someone once a week who is in line behind him in drive thru

  110. Diane Faria says

    Thanks for the ides. I routinely give my travel size products I get to the homeless, but I’m always looking for ideas.

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