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Who could use some quick CASH?

We’re giving you 100 Reasons to Tweet!!

That’s right, you can enter to WIN $100 PayPal CASH!

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Thank you to our Hosts for helping out with this great event:

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To Enter, all you need to do is follow my friends and I on Twitter. The more you follow the more entries you’ll get!

You can do them all at once or some each day!

Giveaway will run from April 21st 12:01 am EST – April 30th 11:59 pm EST.


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Good luck!!

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  1. Andrea Hadfield says

    I would use it to buy some new clothes (jeans etc) as I just started a new job that is much more casual than where I previously worked.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  2. says

    I would spend the $100 on a pair of sandals and a pair of sunglasses for summer, a new outfit & If I had $15 left after that, it would go toward a hair cut. :)

  3. Lisa Stonesifer says

    I really want to make a few photo books for my mom & maybe my sis for Mother’s Day. And I’d like to go visit them so I’d need gas money too!

  4. Joelle Walters says

    I would use it for ….Me and nobody else, I always buy for my family with my paypal, it would be nice for just me for once!

  5. Cheryll Smith says

    If I won the $100 paypal cash I would use it to buy my kids DS’s that they have been asking for!!!!

  6. Becky Kimani says

    i would use the $100 to go toward my gas for the trip I’m taking this summer to visit my family in Arkansas and in Texas!

  7. Jan Dicker says

    I would use it to buy food for my family. Being disabled we dont have the money to pay our bills and food too so we usually have to choose. Would love to win this!!

  8. Carla Rapp says

    I would use this towards my vacation to florida to see my brother and his family, bringing my girls with! Super excited!

  9. bill elliott says

    I would spend the money on a gift for my wife. I didn’t see a entry that ask for my twitter name so here it is – @BillElliott2006

  10. Julie Cutshaw says

    I entered through madam deals blog and I would use the $100 PayPal to enjoy my myrtle Beach trip. June when we take him so he could enjoy the midway there and maybe ride the skybwheel. It’s just going to be be both his grandma’s taking him for 7 days and our money budget will be tight, mostly eating in the room cooking meals so this would make it more fun, thanks. [email protected]

  11. Paula Gillespie says

    thanks madamedeals.com for the chance to win and if I did I would definitely use it to buy gas and groceries

  12. ANGELA DAVIS says

    I would buy my 3 kids some summer clothes. They all still have winter ones and have grown out. I hate to buy new clothes before summer, since they alwyas have a growth spurt in spring..lol

  13. Brittany G says

    Definitely take myself and my husband for a well needed night out! For us, that would be a drive-in movie and a sit down dinner. I can’t remember the last time we went out.

  14. Elizabeth K says

    Woweeee! $100 would be incredible. I would use some to fill up my gas tank, and the rest to go out to dinner so I don’t have to cook!

  15. Joni Lackey says

    I would buy my husband a great birthday gift and get us both a new outfit if possible. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Farrah Shumway says

  17. says

    THANK U FOR THIS GIVEAWAY!!!!!! If I had the $100, it would go towards my friend’s family whom just lost their home in a fire with three small children & they were lucky to get out for they were in the upper floor of the house, barely escaped!!!! But, it would definitely go towards items for them!!!
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    TWITTER: ChristieRobins2
    Thank U very much!!!!!

  18. says

    I would take my family to a water park for the day to have some much needed family time and if I couldnt do that because there is 8 of us total me my hubby and 6 kids I would pay my water bill with it.

  19. B C EDWARDS says

    I was off work for 4 months, getting EI but that only is 45% of your past wages so I had to dip into my mutual funds quite a bit, so any extra money now is just catch up

    • jodi leah baird says

      could you please give all the bloggers a message to FOLLOW back.cause at 2k we cant follow ppl back when we only got 300 or so following us back..thank you!!

  20. celeste heairld says

    i WOULD GIVE HALF TO MY SON-WHO IS MOVING OUT OF TOWN, and buy a pair of summer sandals-probably. Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. says

    I would save the $100 and put it toward new furniture for my living room. We have hand-me-down furniture that doesn’t match and is really old! :) I am saving all of my money to replace it! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Michelle Ramos says

    I’d buy the keyboards we want to get for the kids that hook up to the iPad and teach them to play.

  23. Cassandra says

    Give it straight to my mother, she fixed my car for me when i had nothing and now I’m working on paying her back :)

  24. says

    I’d love to take my mom shopping. She is one of the most generous souls I’ve ever come across, and I’d love to see that generosity be directed towards her. Also, she just made a few renovations with her hard-earned savings, so I’d love for her to be able to buy some things for herself or her tiny condo, with that money…if I win! lol :P

  25. anna thomas says

    i would either spoil myself (desperately needed) or I would do the responsible thing and pay bills or something lol

  26. says

    I would use it for my mom a mother’s day gift, i wan this to be the best mother’s day yet, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in dec, she had to quit her job of 17 year’s,currently undergoing chemotherapy, i just want this to be the best mother’s day yet, because i may not have her around next year, she is not only my mother, she’s also my bestfriend, thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  27. Lyssa Mosier Prihoda says

    I would use it towards bills. 100 is a lot for a family like us. I would use it to help with what we need right now, lights, food, rent. etc. This would be a huge blessing!!!

  28. Amanda Owensby says

    I would buy new Indianapolis Colts jerseys for our family since Jim Irsay made our Colts wardrobe worthless :P

  29. Char W says

    I would use it to buy some socks for me cause I need ones that don’t have holes in them and then put them towards the surprise trip I am planning for a mini honeymoon (we never did a honeymoon when we got married almost 7 years ago).

  30. Mary says

    Put it towards a new mower. Ours just died and our yard is out of control. Could def. use the money for that. Thanks for a great give away! :)

  31. Raeanna says

    I would save it with my other money to go towards my college funds since I’m starting back in August!

  32. Jenee says

    I would take my husband out. He is overworked and I feel like we never see each other. With some extra cash I could take him to dinner and a movie. :)

  33. Andrea Coulson says

    If I won I would use the money to help make our backyard projects we have planned actually get started.

  34. Melissa C says

    I would use it to help with my daughters upcoming birthday. She is turning 10, and we want to do something memorable, but one income does not allow for extravagance. This would help tremendously.

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