10 things you didn’t know about the Madame Deals Staff (All 7 of us!)

10 things you didn’t know about the Madame Deals Staff:


Today I thought I would take a few minutes to tell you a few things about the awesome people that help keep Madame Deals as awesome as it is! I think it is important that you guys know that we are real people, and not just robots that spit out deals and recipes all day ;) So here are 10 things about each of us that you didn’t know!


10 things you didn’t know about Amee (AKA, Madame Deals herself)

1 I believe in love, laughter, and forever after (and has a website to prove it, check out lovelaughterforeverafter.com)
2 I spend 70% of my time helping others each day
3 Sometimes I just need sweet tea and a bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s
4 I am fairly sure chocolate is a food group
5 I can dress anyone and make him or her look awesome on a budget
6 I had a miscarriage and it is the one thing the really changed how I view life
7 I believe that you gain more by being someones light than by being the person that produces doubt.
8 I almost always wear lipstick
9 I have to be careful when I decide to read a book because I will stay up all night until it is finished
10 I know that being a good wife, mother, and friend means taking care of myself first


10 things you didn’t know about Netski

1. Been working for Madame Deals for 3 years already.
2. My only kitchen talent is heating food.
3. I can box and wrestle like a boy and I love video games… thanks to my three brothers.
4. I grew up in a family who laughs and jokes at everything even tough times. Some find it weird and crazy but I love them and I feel so blessed.
5. I don’t like sweets, because it reminds me of a bad toothache I got when I was small.
6. I can’t drink coffee because I get dizzy after.
7. I love to read Jane Austen novels over and over.
8. Chinese food is my comfort food. I eat dumplings when I feel sad.
9. Some thinks I’m crazy for being a work at home mom, but I don’t regret it because I get to spend lots of time with my little boy.
10. I am very religious and I’m proud to be a Christian.


10 things you didn’t know about Gwen

1. I was born and raised in Michigan and still live here.
2. I was homeschooled for Elementary.
3.Time is money and I hate wasting time.
4. I love Sci-Fi and will even watch Westerns. A guilty habit I got from my dad.
5. I hate Most Reality TV Shows (exclusions: Auction Hunters, Restaurant Impossible)
6. I love to cook but would take a Personal Chef any day.
7. I hate cleaning and haven’t washed my windows in over a year.(Don’t tell my mom)
8. Since I was pregnant with my daughter 10 years ago- I rarely pump gas. The joke in our house is that there is a law against me pumping gas.
9. I love animals and work with local rescues to foster dogs. I currently have 17 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster and 1 snake in my house.
10. My nickname growing up was “Pen” Gwen!!


10 things you didn’t know about Rachelle

1. I am an only child, married to an only child, and have an only child (and don’t plan to have any more!)
2.I am a reality TV Junky, it’s my guilty pleasure, and Big Brother is my favorite show ever.
3. I had an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding :)
4. My hair has been every color of the rainbow at some point or another, mostly while I was in beauty school.
5. I’m a big reader, and my favorite author is Laurell K. Hamilton and I’ve read all 21 books in the Anita Blake series at least twice.
6. I live in the country music capitol (Nashville), and I don’t like country music.
7. Every recipe post I have done for Madame Deals, is the first time I had made that recipe, and I just started cooking in Sept, 2012 when I decided to get healthy.
8. I’ve worn glasses almost my entire life, and I won’t wear contacts because I think my eyes look funny without glasses on.
9. I knew I was going to marry my husband the first day I met him, he was introduced to me by a friend as “my future husband” and she was right.
10. We are big holiday people in our house, we are big into decorating and themed meals, and every person in my house gets a week long celebration for their birthday, called a “tide” (example: RachelleTide)


10 things your didn’t know about Sharon

1. I once went lobster fishing with Amee, aka Madame Deals.
2. I went from a non-runner to a marathon runner in one year.
3. I’ve been a dancer for most of my life. Ballet is my first love.
4. I stopped growing taller at age 12 – I’m only 5 feet tall.
5. I was in the car on my way to the beach when I went into labor with my 2nd daughter. We went to the beach anyway.
6. I used to have a terrible fear of flying. I didn’t fly for almost 10 years!
7. I love chocolate covered pretzels.
8. I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was 6 years old.
9. Target is my happy place.
10. I dream of being a talented chef someday, but most of the time I’m lucky if I don’t burn dinner.


10 things you didn’t know about Dawn

1. I love to sing but am too scared to sing in public
2. I’m an extrovert but take a back seat with other extroverts
3. Would usually rather lead than follow
4. I have a degree in Marketing – Retail
5. Was in Retail Management for 15 years
6. Had my first Management job at age 20
7. Have 4 kids Including a set of twins
8. Would have more kids if the circumstances were right
9. No I’m not crazy ;)
10. I quit working outside of the home 4 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.


10 things you didn’t know about Karla

1. I’ve been married to my husband David for 24 years.
2.I have 2 children, a daughter age 20 and a son age 14
3.I am a Christian preschool teacher…teaching 3 year old children
4.I am 45 years old
5.I grew up on a chicken farm in rural Virginia
6.I write for Madame Deals and Lifetimemoms.com
7.I am a NASCAR fan
8.I recently joined a gym
9.I like country music
10.I am an avid coupon shopper

So there you have it, some fun facts about the Madame Deals Staff!


I love that we are all so different, but we work together so well! We would love to hear some unique facts about you!



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