10 ideas for Toddler Chores + Free Printable Chore Charts

10 ideas for Toddler Chores

+ Free Printable Chore Charts


toddler chore chart

Being a toddler is a fun time in your childs life, and it’s also a great time to instill skills and values that they will keep the rest of their lives. Toddlers LOVE to help, and you should trust them to do so! With these 10 ideas for Toddler Chores you can see what your toddler should be capable of doing, and have a little help with the day-to-day chores around your house! These 10 ideas for Toddler Chores help with skills such as Independence, memory, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills!

So today I wanted to share some ideas for toddler chores that I have found to work great, and I’ve also made a printable chore chart that you can use to keep your toddler on track!


Here are 10 ideas for Toddler Chores:

Toddler Chores

Print your FREE Printable Chore Charts

  1. Put Toys Away- This is great for any kid, but starting this young will make it easier in the future!
  2. Help set the table- This will help your toddler with fine motor skills grasping the silverware, and really make them feel like their role in dinner is important!
  3. Throw away trash- Cleaning up after yourself is something you should teach ASAP. I know some adults that don’t even do this ha!
  4. Fold Washcloths- This can be a great activity you can do with your child. You fold the big stuff, and they can help with the washcloths!
  5. Put Dirty clothes away- I’m still working on getting my husband to do this, so the earlier you can teach your child to do this, the better!
  6. Wipe off the table- While an older child (or yourself) is doing the dishes, you can hand your toddler a wipe and have them wipe clean the table.
  7. Water Plans- I would recommend starting with outside plants, toddlers tend to be messy!
  8. Brush your teeth- They will still need your help with this, but teaching them to do this by themselves earlier in life will make for great dental hygiene later.
  9. Match Socks- Great for recognizing matching colors and patterns, and also great for developing hand muscles.
  10. Wiping Baseboards- Throw a clean sock on their hand (bonus points if you draw a fun face on it!) and tell them to grab the dust off the boards!

These ideas for toddler chores are great, simple ways to get your child in the groove of doing chores early, and they might even enjoy it!

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  1. Robin says

    If you think your toddler is capable of doing these chores.. then you don’t need to justify the labor with things like Matching Socks is good for hand muscles. Newsflash.. If you have time to blog about yourself and come up with chore lists for your toddler with pathetic justifications.. then you have time to do the chores yourself. Toddlers learn from watching adults. Your toddler probably struggle’s to help out because he/she rarely sees you actually doing these things… He sees you typing away at a computer telling other people how to exploit their toddlers.

    • Rachelle says

      I don’t know where you see that my toddler is struggling, she wasn’t ;). I think toddlers are completely capable of picking up their toys and wiping off a table. I also don’t see how expecting your children to help out around the house means that I don’t do chores myself? and I’m “exploiting” them. I’m sorry you feel like having a toddler match socks is offensive, but I’m glad you had the time to respond to the post, since I shouldn’t have time to write if I’m doing the chores myself right? I’m glad my child is learning how to be independent by doing chores that she enjoys doing by herself and with me 🙂

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